Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Are You, And What Have You Done With My Baby?

Last night, Peeper nursed to sleep, while I visited with Anonymama. Then I walked across the house, lay her down, nursed her for a few seconds, and got up. I got ready for bed, set up the laptop in our bedroom, checked email, and piddled around for at least half an hour before joining her in bed.

Today, three times, I have nursed her to sleep sitting in a chair in front of the laptop in our room, then laid her in bed, and left the room. I sat in the kitchen with Anonymama for quite a while, and checked in on her periodically.

The first time, I heard a peep and found her juuuust waking up, looking around confusedly, but not upset.

The second time, she was awake and crying, probably as pissed off about finding herself on her tummy (she was on her side when I left!) and too close to a pillow to get rolled over as she was freaked out about me not being there.

The third nap is still in progress.

She's also gone to sleep around midnight the past two nights, and she got herself up around 9:30 this morning.

At home, if I try to lay her down asleep, she almost invariably wakes up. I don't know what's different here, but I could get use to this thing about being able to walk around alone and do stuff while the baby sleeps.

It is kind of hard to hear from the bedroom to the parts of the house where we're likely to be, so I think I'm going to pick up a monitor tomorrow. I'm sure they'll put it to good use when BabyBro's kids are visiting, before too long.


  1. Jet lag, maybe? Alice hasn't nursed to sleep in MONTHS but she did it more than once between the time we arrived in Poland and the time we came back home.

  2. Dear lord, how have you managed until now with a baby that doesn't sleep alone?! I'm starting to realise how lucky we are!!

  3. NC - She always (only) nurses to sleep, but the staying asleep when laid down is news.

    The time difference is only an hour, but everything is different and there's a lot more going on, so her sleep patterns have been wacky, mostly in that she's taken more frequent, shorter naps.

    Vee - It's actually not that big of a problem, in that these days she usually wants to be entertained when she's awake, and then I can finally sit down in front of the computer while she nurses, and I'm usually quite happy to stay there while she naps.

    It helps that I don't particularly give a shit about getting housework done or anything like that.

    It would be very nice if I could move both of us into the bed to nap together sometimes, without waking her up, though!

    I think the biggest difference here is that the times she's stayed asleep when moved, I've nursed her down in the bedroom, and only moved her a few feet, rather than carrying her down the hall to the bed.


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