Thursday, July 2, 2009

That Was, Um, Sweet?

Earlier, Peeper and Shrike were having mommy/baby time, while I had MeMeMeAllAloneWooHooNowWhatTheHellDoIDo? time, as is our habit when she gets in from work.

When I joined them in the living room and picked Peeper up, she gave me kisses.

I think.

She came at me with a wide-open mouth, as she's done a few times before.

I made a kissy-mouth, which she covered with her mouth.

And licked.

Ok, that was a little ew.

Let's try that again.

Give Mama a kiss . . .

Open mouth, kissy mouth, contact and . . . Latched and sucked on my kissy-lips.

Creep. Eeeeee.

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