Monday, July 13, 2009

Daily Peep: Stealth Tooth

Weeks ago, I predicted that Peeper would get her first tooth while she and I were in Texas, and it has come to pass.

Her two bottom first incisors have been threatening to come through for a while, and the one on the right side was feeling really swollen, so I was sure it would be first.

This morning, though, I thought I miiiiight feel something a little harder and maybe even sharper than usual on the left side, but I wasn't sure about it at all.

I went out to lunch this afternoon with Frappa and a friend of hers (and the friend's four-month-old), at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

(I love this place. I served chips, salsa and chili con queso from there at our wedding.)

Frappa's friend, Peeper and I shared fajitas, and I'm saying that Peeper took one bite and thought, "You know, what this needs is a tooth!"

Midway through the meal, I took her to the bathroom for a diaper change, and while I had her lying down, I inspected her mouth and was able to see a tiny line of something that was a slightly different color on her gum - which felt hard and sharp.

I had to look and feel several times to convince myself that I wasn't just imagining it, but finally decided that it was for real. Probably.

Before returning to our table, I texted Shrike: "Tooth!!!(?)"

She called back immediately and I told her all about it.

I've felt it several times over the course of the day, and it's still there, and maybe even a bit more prominent.

I suppose that makes sense. If it was inside her gum last night and aaaallllmost out this morning, and barely out this afternoon, it stands to reason that it would be a bit further out by this evening.

I am still the only one who has seen or felt it, but I swear it's there.

Here are a few of my attempts at getting photographic evidence:


  1. Adorable - I discovered DD's first tooth when I unwisely stuck my finger in there to check for progress and got chomped for my trouble! Sharp little suckers. Luckily, those first ones come in under the tongue so everyone has time to adjust to the new reality before any nipples are involved.

  2. Well that's photographic evidence that she is cute!

  3. Pretty nice pictures, but I don't see no stinking tooth...

    Is this the first time your family has met Peep?

  4. Exactly. I'm the only one who's seen or felt the tooth.

    We came down to Tx at Christmas, so this is her second trip.


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