Saturday, July 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Knee High on the Fourth of July

Peeper had a big day today.

We started with a cook out at our friends D & E's house, in celebration of both the Fourth, and E's retirement from the local police department.

Everyone was appropriately impressed with Peeper's handling of a hamburger patty (okay, a couple of quarters of a patty), forksful of potato salad and baked beans, and - a new one for her - corn on the cob.

(Don't worry, Anonymama, by the time she gummed anything off, it was creamed corn!)

D's parents were quite taken with Peeper, and her dad gave her a walking lesson.

(Please forgive all the conversation in the background.)

She also spent a good bit of time just sitting around.

And standing around. (Yes, we were spotting her very closely when she was standing. But not while sitting - she's pretty much got that one down!)

Yeah, this didn't last long. Still hates tummy time.

And for her next trick, she tackled another new food - strawberries!

(Note that we were smart enough to strip her down to a diaper first. I did not, however, strip myself down, and now my white shirt has strawberry stains on it.)

Since retirement, E is a "stay at home mom" to their new puppy. She's an Australian Shepherd / German Shepherd mix, and is three months old. She and Peeper are about the same weight.

Then we came back to town, had dinner at TGI Friday's, changed Peeper into her Star Spangled Jammies (because, oddly enough, it was getting rather chilly out), and killed some time at Target . . .

Before watching the fireworks display, from the Target parking lot - well away from the traffic and the big boom boom booms.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Happy 4th! I had my favorite kind of day - stayed home in my jammies all day. :) We did eat hot dogs and potato salad though. Plenty festive for me.

  2. fantastic photos!! go, peeper, go!

    happy 4th!


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