Monday, June 29, 2009

Mama's Got a New Toy!

As you might have noticed, I use my digital camera alot.

Which means that any tiny little annoying thing about it is magnified times a zillion photos of the kid per day times hormones times just-missed really cute smiles times the camera is mine, so if it's Shrike that's annoyed by it, it's all my fault.

The thing is, the camera we've been using was a really good one - eight years ago.

Anonydaddy is quite the digital photographer, and quite the techie-gear-lover, so he gets the newest and the bestest of everything (including cameras) when it comes out, and then he give his kids the hand-me-downs when he upgrades.

We've got two of his old cameras that we've been using, but they each have their little idiosyncracies - like weak batteries, and slow shutter response, and having to turn it back on after each shot, and not being able to get the flash to work quite right and, well, to be honest, they are much smarter than we are.

They are really nice, fancy cameras with all sorts of bells and whistles that we don't really know how to work, nor do we have the time or patience to learn, when we really just need to record for posterity that really cute thing that Peeper is doing right this very mo . . . aw crap, she stopped doing it.

So, we've been thinking about getting a new point-and-shoot digital (since that's all we do anyway), and have been doing a bit of research on what's out there these days, but I've been worried about downgrading the quality of images that we're getting, not to mention feeling really guilty about it seeming unappreciative that we've got these great, fancy, free cameras from Anonydaddy, and we're going to replace them with an El Cheapo, and possibly El Crappo model.

So I thought maybe I should look up the specs on the cameras we've been using, for the sake of comparison.

The Nikon Coolpix 5000 that I usually use was evidently super hot shit when it came out. In 2001. It was actually only one of about four cameras available then that would shoot at 5 megapixels.

And the Canon EOS DS6041 was even fancier-schmancier a few years later, with its 6.3 megapixels.

So I guess this little 10 megapixel number for $125 will probably be okay, then?

Oh, yes. You know I got the cobalt one!

True, it doesn't do nearly as many tricks as those others, but I think it will do the trick for us, and hopefully this one won't be smarter than we are.

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  1. Re-reading this, I think I should clarify that I'm not complaining about the free at-least-nearly-professional-quality cameras that Anonydaddy has given us, just commenting that a> we are not smart enough (and are too lazy) to use something that fancy and b> damn, camera technology has come a long way in the past decade!

    I know I should've expected as much, but I was absolutely shocked to see how much higher resolution today's crappy cameras are than the first-class cameras of a few years ago.

    I can only imagine what the cameras that Anonydaddy and other people who know how to use good cameras are using today are like!


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