Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to um, Everyone!

6/5: Shrike's sister's partner
6/6: Frappa
6/7: BabyBro
6/8: Shrike's Pappy
6/9: Shrike's Dad
6/12: LittleNiece
6/17: Shrike's Mom

Also, of course, 6/21: Father's Day.

This actually started a few weeks ago with Shrike 4/27, me 5/11 and LadyKay 5/13. And Mother's Day 5/10.

Then we have the nephews (so far) on 7/27 and 8/1, then finally a bit of a break until fall.


We didn't used to even have a category for "Fall Birthdays" - Just Anonymama 11/15 and Shrike's sister 11/8.

Then BabyBro'sLovelyWife 10/11 joined the family, we had Peeper 10/27, and now the twins are scheduled to arrive sometime in there, as well, so now we'll have at six birthdays within six weeks.

But that still beats six in a week!

So, um, what I meant to say is Happy Birthday, Everybody!

(And, uh, Frappa? BabyBro? Anonydaddy? Cards and gifts will be mailed soon, I promise!)


  1. 6/7(8?):New Little Baby CP. SP's water broke this morning. Frappa's on her way to Waco. :)

    BTW, Anonydaddy manages to slip into the fall on 12/15, it's not quite officially winter yet then.

  2. Good point about Anonydaddy's birthday, but he also blends in with Christmas.

    Keep me posted on SP's progress and let me know when CP arrives.


    God, I feel old. I've known this baby's daddy since he was an infant, and his mom and LadyKay were La Leche League together.

    Funny story: As a toddler, he had one of the cutest names for nursing that I've heard.

    His mommmy had decided (I assume) that it would be called "milkshake" but he decided that one of her breasts was "milk" and the other was "shake."

    He would ask specifically for the one that he wanted, and heaven help her if he wanted "milk" and she offered him "shake."

  3. I've talked to both Frappa and Gramma P and they both said things seem to be going well, but pretty slow. She was at 5 last I heard, so it looks like little C will be 6/8, not 6/7. She went for the epidural so she is handling it pretty well.


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