Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daily Peep: Working 9 to 5

When we bought this outfit at a yardsale last summer, Shrike referred to it as Peeper's "Dolly Parton Leisure Suit."

When I noticed today that it was a size 3 - 6 months, I was afraid we might have missed our chance for her to wear it, but as you can see, it's still a bit too big.

Of course, that probably means it'll be just right when it's too hot for it.

Maybe her baby-girl-cousin can wear it, if we can come up with a matching Porter Wagner number for her brother.


  1. If she's like my daughter she'll still be able to fit into it by the time it gets cool enough to wear it. Hold onto it for fall. It'll fit by then. :)

  2. A: I agree with Pussreboots.
    B: I wasn't quite getting the leisure outfit thing that Shrike was referring to until I saw the butterflies on the back... then I said 'Aha!'
    C: She's got to be the happiest baby I've ever seen in pictures. Not only does the camera love her but she loves the camera... and her Moms!
    D: OY VEY but is she CUUUUUTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love it!! And she's totally winking at us in the second shot.

    Thanks for the good wishes leading up to and during Simone's time in the hospital, btw. The info you shared was sooo helpful in letting us know what to expect.

  4. If is just too long, try hemming it. However, it is still a little big. Cute as a bug, however, but that is probably because of who is in it.
    Went shopping yesterday for your niece and nephew. Similar to when I went for Peeper. I do love baby clothes!!!

  5. Hey you! You won a prize in my Blogiversary contest and didn't leave me a way to contact you!

  6. It's still too big all around, but we'll try again in a few weeks. She's wearing some 3-6 stuff, but still some 0-3s.

    She sure is growing fast these days, though - catching up, I think.

    Melody, you can probably expect to see that with Simone, too. Peeper gained 2 lbs in the month after surgery! Keep us posted on how she's doing.

    D's Mom - It's got a very 70s vibe to it, with the butterflies and the cut and everything.

    Only problem is that the butt's a little snug for her cloth diapers.

    Anonymama - I can't believe it took you that long to go shopping for them. You must have had lots scheduled for this week! We've not gotten anything for them yet, but I plan to do some looking at Amazon when I buy BabyBro's birthday gift.

    (Yes, it will be arriving late. And your point, is?)

    D's Mom (again) - She's starting to love the camera a bit too much, and we get lots of photos of her trying to grab it, or chewing on its strap!


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