Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Girl

Maybe this was an accident, but it seemed pretty intentional to me.

A little while ago, we were lying in bed and Peeper was nursing, theoretically back to sleep, for bedtime, but that didn't happen.

(Shrike's off today, and it's just now getting to be our usual bedtime. We were hoping she was down for the night an hour or so ago but, nope, that was a nap!)

Anyway, I was holding her hand, to keep it from flailing about, and she unlatched and put my thumb in her mouth. Nothing new there; she sucks / chews (more chewing lately) on my fingers all the time.

Then she let go and put her thumb in her mouth. Also pretty typical.

I told her "You can suck your thumb instead if you're not hungry. That's fine."

Then, she reached out and put her thumb in my mouth!

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