Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day

Shrike's Pappy (her maternal grandfather) is a World War II veteran, and for the past twenty years, he's been in charge of putting Memorial Day flags on the veterans' graves for his American Legion post.

He used to handle several cemeteries personally, but in recent years, he's gotten down to one, and the whole family helps.

Because the flags are put out on a weekday, this is the first time that I've been able to join them, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day to spend outside.

We lucked out and by the time we arrived at the cemetery, most of the flags were already set, and everyone was taking a break for a picnic under a tree.

After lunch, Shrike went back out with them to finish up, while Peeper and I guarded the cars, took a short walk (within view of the unlocked cars), and had a bit of goody and a nap under the tree.

This is a churchyard cemetery. The church has been rebuilt a few times, but according to the cornerstone, the original building was erected in 1747.

The oldest grave I saw today (in the very small area that I covered) was from 1781, belonging to a man who came to America in 1746, at the age of 18, and "established the family in this country."

At least one of the flags that was placed today was on the grave of a soldier from the Revolutionary War.

Another was on the grave of Shrike's paternal grandfather, who also fought in World War II. He and her grandmother attended this church for several years, and they are buried there.

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