Friday, May 8, 2009

Daily Peep: Desperately Seeking . . .

. . . baby-safe red glowy-thing.

Peeper is obsessed with red, glowy-things.

First, it was the numbers on the alarm clocks in the bedroom. She's been staring at those for months.

"What's the clock say, Peeper? It says, 'Too damn late. Time for babies to be sleeping.'"

Except, of course, when it says, "Too damn early. Time for babies to be sleeping."
At first, she just stared at them, but then. Well, then we were idiots, and put the clock within her reach.

It seemed like good idea, but she really wants to hold the red glowy-things, and she can't get to them, because there's an invisible force field protecting them.

(Much like the invisible force field that keeps her from grabbing the monkey and the frog in her jungle musical thingy.)

So - because she is a genius - she tries to sneak up on them, by turning the clock over to go around the force field.

Only to get pissed off all over again when the elusive little bastards disappear completely.

Next, she spotted the laser in my trackball.

At first, she just saw it glowing out through the crevices in the casing, but then. Well, then I was an idiot, and took the ball out to show her the big, giant, red glowy-thing cavity.

Now, she leaps out of my lap toward the desk, and drags the trackball over to her, scrolling and clicking all over the screen, as she goes.

So, seriously, if you can think of any sort of red glowy-thing that is okay for a baby to play with and that will, preferably, allow her to handle (and, of course, chew on) the actual glowy-parts, I Peeper would be forever grateful.

Note: These photos were a lot harder to take than you'd think, because the only thing she finds more fascinating than a red glowy-thing is a camera pointed at her.


  1. Leapfrog makes a cell phone toy called "Tad's Cell Phone" that has a red light up part. It also talks and does other loud things that my two kids like. My youngest started playing with it when she was Peeper's age and it still works 18 months later. :)

    I got it at Rite Aid.

  2. Ha ha...Theo totally did the same thing! He eventually just got over it when he started squirming around in bed and now, crawling and standing up. Now he's too busy trying to propel himself off the bed to bother with the alarm clock!!

  3. Oh yeah, and I second the blinky cell phone from leap frog--it's a fav!

  4. There's some catalogue, First Steps, maybe? That has these nightlights shaped like little people and the kids can hold them. They don't get hot and they don't plug in. I think they have a red one.


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