Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily Peep: Adventured Out

Here we are, taking a little break in the middle of an afternoon full of "adventures."

(Boring people call them "errands.")

After Mommy left for work, Peeper finished up a nap and then we got moving.

First stop was the roadside fruit and veggie stand near our house, for tomato and bellpepper plants, bananas, a bellpepper, a squash, a zucchini, three asparagus spears and three eggs.

Most of the veggies are experimental, for Peeper, hence the small amounts.

When I explained, the lady was nice enough to give me just a few asparagus. In hopes, I'm sure, that Peeper will like them and I'll come back for more. I think they are the most expensive thing that they sell.

The eggs are for the incredibly delicious, and amazingly dairy-free, brownies that I'm planning to make, as my birthday "cake" for our party on Sunday.

Next stop was the post office, to send out (yes, we're awful, I know!) cards to Anonymama, LadyKay and OurLovelySIL for Mother's Day and LK's birthday (tomorrow). There's also a gift in there for Anonymama, and some gently-used pregnancy paraphrenalia for OLSIL. We did manage to get LK's gift to her on time, but only because it was delivered via email, and BabyBro actually placed the order. Oh yeah, and I sent them a check for our share of that, too.

(Just so you know, there is no irony at all in the blogonym "HisLovelyWife," or any of its variations. She really is just the sweetest, nicest person you could ever meet, and I can't think of anything more accurate to call her. If she's reading this and would like to request a different blogonym, I would be happy to oblige, though.)

Then, we made a quick stop at our favorite convenience store for a barbecue pulled-pork sandwich and a sugar-free-vanilla-caramel-decaff-soy-latte (the coffee was free, with a coupon!).

I changed Peeper's diaper in the car, then nursed her for a little while, but she didn't seem too interested, so I packed her back up and we headed to the bank to deposit a zillion checks.

Seriously, I think there were nine checks in all! One insurance reimbursement for a Synagis shot (long story), a paycheck from TutoringOnline, a small reimbursement from a doctor of some sort for an overpayment, and several birthday and Mother's Day gifts.

Peeper did a great job with all the stops and getting out of the carseat and into the wrap, then back again, but she hit her limit in the drive-through at the bank, so I pulled into the parking lot and nursed her to sleep (that's the photo above).

Our last stop was the vet's office, to pick up GirlCat, who spent the night being observed and tested for a urinary tract infection. I called on our way over and told them I had a sleeping baby in the car., and they were nice enough to bring the kitty to the car, take the credit card, and come back out with a receipt.

Now we're home, GirlCat is isolated in my bathroom (there are some incontinence issues going on, hopefully just secondary to the UTI, and thus, temporary), the veggies are sitting in the kitchen waiting to be dealt with, and Peeper's just woken up from finishing her nap in my lap.

Which, I suppose, means that this post is complete.

Update 7:15 pm:
Guess what I found on the dining table about an hour ago?

Another check from the insurance company for another Synagis shot.

Really glad to have it, because Caremark really wants their money from us, but it would have been nice if I'd known it was there before I went to the bank!

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