Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Peep: My First Easter

Peeper with her Easter basket

Hey! Bunny toes!

Her haul - exploded view
Clockwise from her head: 2 pairs of jammies (from Easter Bunny), "Little Duck" fingerpuppet book (from Uncle BabyBro and HerLovelyAunt), stuffed bunny (from Anonygrandma and Anonygrandpa), bib (from Uncle BabyBro and HerLovelyAunt), dress (from Anonygrandma and Anonygrandpa), card (from Mama and Mommy), Panda toy and book (from Easter Bunny), not shown or hiding somewhere: spinny light-up egg thingy (from Easter Bunny)

Bib from Uncle BabyBro and HerLovelyAunt

Dress (from Anonygrandma and Anonygrandpa)


Spinny light-up egg thingy

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