Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Peep: Mama is a Blockhead

On our recent playdate, I noticed that GirlW has a set of really cool soft blocks that looked familiar to me.

When I described them to Shrike, she thought they sounded familiar, too, so we decided that we'd seen them in one of the many mommy-magazines that we get.

I still think that we may have seen them there, but the other reason they look so familiar?

We. Own. Them.

In our defense, they were in a box in the basement, with several other "big girl" toys that Peeper's received as gifts and hand-me-downs, but isn't ready for yet.

I knew that there were some 6-month things in there, so I poked around in it last night, and that's when I discovered the blocks.
I brought them up for her to play with, and she finds them pretty intriguing . . .

. . . but is having some trouble handling them.

GirlW was just picking hers up and gnawing on them like nobody's business, so I'm sure Peeper will have them tamed pretty soon.

Oh, and GirlCat likes them, too.

BoyCat is less impressed.


  1. Hey, I just figured out where Peeper got the red hair. What other color hair would Lucy and Ethel's baby have?

    BTW, cute blocks. :)

  2. She has a point. Lucy doesn't even remember the conversation about the blocks. Or, since this is your blog, do I get to be the dumpy one?


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