Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Peep: Literary Genius

Peeper is starting to be more interested in her books these days.

Of course, we doubt that she realizes there's any connection between those sounds coming out of our faces and the things she's chewing on, or that those pretty colors represent real-life things (Or not-so-real-life things, in the case of Dr. Seuss.), but just playing with books and knowing they are fun toys, and figuring out how they work really is the first tiny baby-step toward literacy.

Speaking of "how they work," she's very interested in turning pages, and actually does it pretty well (in board books - or laminated restaurant menus) although, of course, she's got no idea which direction to go, or when . . .

. . . or which appendages to use.


I mentioned a while back that Peeper's feet had discovered each other, and that they play with each other alot.

Her hands still haven't found her feet yet, but she has, just in the past few days, started trying to use her feet to do things that she's previously been doing with her hands.

One assumes that she'll eventually realize that the hands do a better job of it, and will decide to stick with them, but in the meantime, it is just fascinating to watch, as her awareness of her self, and the world around her, unfolds, step by step.


  1. Yes, she will figure out that hands do it better. I loved to watch that try hands, try feet-oh, the hands do it best! whole phase.
    Also, look at her tummy. She has little rolls that I never saw on her before, doesn't she?

  2. CUTE! (Am behind in blog reading, sorry loves...!)


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