Sunday, April 5, 2009

Daily Peep: Final Dose!

Peeper finished off the bottle of Captopril this evening, so she's all done with it now!

She'll continue taking the Lasix once a day, until her next appointment with the cardiologist (April 14) and, assuming all is still going well, he'll take her off of it then, and she'll be medication-free for the first time since she was about two weeks old.

Or have I already mentioned that?

Taking the last dose!

Celebrating the empty bottle!

Outtake: I took these photos using the timer on the camera. Just as I put the syringe in her mouth for the first squirt, she spit up! I'm not sure exactly what the camera caught me looking at here, but I'm guessing it was probably the papertowels that I was about to reach for. At any rate, you can certainly tell that I'm not so happy about it.


  1. Hip hip hurray!!!

    (Love the outtake.)

  2. Hey, did you look at today?

  3. Congratulations Peeper, Mama and Mommie!!!

  4. Btw, LK is referring to the Mom & Baby blog, not the main site.

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