Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Daily Peep: Baby Feet - Now, With Extra Guilt!

Two things of note in this photo:

  1. While Peeper has not quite discovered her feet yet, they seem to have discovered each other, and when she is barefoot (not often enough, darn this relapsing winter weather), they are usually playing with each other.

  2. The red marks all over said genius tootsies. From the too-small shoes that I made her wear all evening.
    Whozat: Oh my God - look at them. That's awful!

    How could you know?

    Maybe from the way I had to jam them onto her feet?
    (And, maybe, from the fact that the other pair the same size which just slip on (or not) and do not have an opening and velcro clearly did not fit at all?)

    Whozat: Do you think they were hurting her? No, she didn't seem like she was hurting. Did you see how she was laughing in Target? She was happy then, right?

    Yeah, probably because she knew she was about to go home and take off those damn shoes.

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