Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cover Girl?

We're planning to enter Peeper in the Babytalk / GMA Cover Contest, and I need some help deciding what photo to use.

Of course, we know it's a long shot, but on the other hand, I've seen the photos of last year's finalists, and she's way cuter than at least some of them.

(Including, in my humble opinion, the winner.)

We're only allowed to send one photo, and it should be one that was taken within the past month.
If not for that rule, I would absolutely be using this one.

Their suggestions for what makes a good photo include: show the baby's personality, show all or most of the face (so the uber-cute sunglasses photos are out), good lighting, and smile!

I've narrowed it down to a few choices, shown below.

(One of which was taken just a smidge more than a month ago, but less than a month before the contest submission period opened, so that's good enough for me. Shhh.)

There are other photos of her from the past month that I like better, but for the contest, I've ruled out the ones where she's not smiling, or her whole face isn't showing, or her "zipper" is showing (not that there's anything wrong with it, but I suppose it's not her most photogenic feature, especially in its current not-so-healed state) or there's anyone else in the photo with her.

Take a look, and let me know which one you think will get her the gig!





Potential Entries for Future Contests

DoulaK tells me that she'll let me know the next time BumGenius is running a contest, so I can enter this one. (If she were smiling and looking at the camera, I'd use it for this contest.)

If I ever run across a mother-and-child photo contest, I am totally entering this one of Shrike and Peeper.

And, I think this is a good candidate for some sort of artsy-fartsy-type contest:


  1. I rank them in the same order they are listed now. I also love the diaper shot. The "zipper" shot a few days ago was a great picture. If using any age one, the shot in the newborn ward of her and Shrike sleeping side by side in the same positions is priceless for a mother and child shot.

  2. I'm torn between 3 and 4. I SO love the diaper shot!

  3. HEY, it's time for a panda shot!

  4. If you're serious about her earning her keep, just google "baby photo contest." There are a zillion of them. Pet photo contests too apparently. Smile Galoot!

    (Find one that will accept the polka dot hat pic!)

  5. I think we should nix anything with slobber. The first photo is probably technically the best, but I think the second one is cuter of her in her carseat. Check the other camera for some more photos....I never download them.

  6. Hmm, I actually like #1 the least, out of these. I don't think it's "her" as much as the others.

    I think my favorites are #3 or #4, but they are slobbery.

    (It's hard to get a good one of her these days, without either slobber or her hands in her mouth.)

    What say the rest of you, who are less averse to bodily fluids, on that matter?

    #2 is very cute, but is a cellphone photo, so really crappy quality. Of course, it's not a photo contest, it's a cute kid contest, so that shouldn't count against her. I guess?

    I took a few more today, which I'll check out. I'll also look on the other camera card, to see what's there.

    As to the other contests, several of those, with the $2500 prize!!! turn out to all be the same one, and there's a big ol' entry fee. Bummer.

    But, I do have my eyes peeled for other free ones, both for her and for pet photos.

  7. 3 or 4... baby slob is adorable :-) good luck!!!

  8. It is not how we feel about body fluids, it is whether one of the judges is squeemy. I'd skip the slobbery ones. How about a kid and dog contest. Peeper and Big Galoot together could be very good.


What say you?