Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cardio Full Report

I suppose I should go into a little more detail about yesterday's cardiologist appointment, than just the quick text message that I sent on the way home, huh?

It went great!

He said that Peeper's echo was "perfect," and that she's "really taken off" and "really filled out" since surgery.

(They weighed her at about 12 lb 2 oz (!) but, again, I will believe it when I see it on our usual scale at the pediatrician's office. That will happen next Tuesday, when she gets her last (!) Synagis shot.).

He took her off the Lasix, so she's now medication-free for the first time since she was 2 weeks, 3 days old.

And the best part?

He doesn't want to see her again for two months!

(Actually, it will be more like two and a half months from now (June 29) because we're waiting until he's at the OurTown location. Hopefully, we can do that from now on, and won't have to make anymore hour-long drives!)

And, assuming everything is still going well then - our next appointment will be six months after that.

For a little perspective:

She will be fourteen months old at that point.

It's likely to be 2010, because we'll probably push it back a little to get past the holidays.

She will probably be walking.

And talking a bit.

And strong enough to really fight us about the echo.


  1. Hi my name is Mandi. I stubbled across your blog and have been a reader for a little bit. I am always intrested in other peoples stories who have struggled to become a mama. I too have struggled and won. I also have stuck around because I was born with a heart defect too. I have had 5 open heart surgries.I think your little one is a cutie. Thanks for the great reads.


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