Monday, March 9, 2009


Tomorrow (ok, later today, actually) I will do the first three of eight hours of training for LearningCenterOnline.

The training is online, but it's live with a trainer and about four other trainees, and I'll be using the audio headset, so Peeper can't be squawking in the background.

Which means, of course, that Peeper can't be around.

Over the past week, we've been doing some practice runs, during which I've spent time down in the basement (hey, I'm there right now!) setting up my laptop with the tutoring software, installing other software on it, and (yes, I'm awful) writing thank you notes for the baby shower that we had two months ago.

And pumping (just finished).

That's two-fold; I need to leave milk for Peeper while I'm down here (so far, she's not been willing to take a bottle yet, though) and I need to "practice" pumping to prepare for next week, when Peeper's not eating at all for a couple of days and then not eating so much.

So far, the longest practice period we've done has been about an hour and a half.

This training session is three hours, plus I've got another three-hour session Tuesday morning, and a two-hour session Thursday evening.

(They were kind enough to mix-and-match training courses for me, so I could get all three sessions while Shrike is home. She'll be off work Thursday because of Peeper's pre-op testing in the morning.)

Before the training was set up, we already had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Tara for tomorrow (this) morning, so Shrike and Peeper will go to that, which will eat up about the first two hours of training, by the time they get out of the house, do an hour with her and get home.

We've been using some works-like-a-boob bottles / nipples, but Peeper's wanted nothing to do with them. Tomorrow, Shrike's going to try one of the old bottles with a slow-flow Nuk nipple and see how that goes.

I'm really not worried (any more) about her deciding that she likes it better than me, so if the boob-like bottle isn't convincing her, then we might as well try the other.

Or maybe she'll just sleep the whole time?

One can hope. . . .

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