Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Structurally Sound

Peeper got her Synagis shot today, and we got word that her abdominal x-ray was normal, showing no blockages or structural wierdnesses, so that's good to know.

I wasn't particularly worried about it, but it is good to rule out that kind of thing.

I asked the nurse about the possibility of thrush, since Peeper had quite a bit of antibiotics post-op, and she checked out her mouth and declared it all clear.

I'm still not completely convinced that's not the case, though, since I'm definitely feeling some ouchies on my end of the equation.

Other possible explanations for that could be that she's nursing more frequently since surgery, including basically all night long, now that we've freed her from the nest and convinced her that the side-lying position is cool, and maybe her latch isn't so great in that position, but I read something just today saying that "often the only sign of thrush is that nursing is painful, when it was previously painless." Hmmm. . . .

She is still spitting up a bit - not like those three crazy "Hey, here's all the milk in my tummy!" times, but certainly more than is normal for her. (Any is more than normal for her.)

This nurse said the spitting up could be related to having been intubated, but it didn't start in earnest until about three days later, so that seems odd to me.

She did suggest that I keep a log of what I eat (ruh roh, I need to start that!) so that we can see if there's anything specific that seems to be related to her bloody stool, and said that if she has any more, to call in and see about having her checked out again by one of the doctors.

Barring that, she'll go back around April 22 for her last Synagis shot (since the insurance was willing to pay for one more, they want to go ahead and do it, since she's had the surgery and all that, even though it will be the tail end of the season) and again on April 29 for her six-month well-baby check-up!

Yes, it does seem we could do those at the same time, but there are some vaccines that can't be given until after their actual six-month birthday, so we can't do that appointment any sooner than April 27 (also Shrike's 40th, by the way), but that's past the Synagis window, so we have to have two separate appointments.

Oh well, we're there practically every week anyway!


  1. Maybe she did not spit up the first three days in the hospital because she had nothing in her tummy.

  2. Hmm, you make a very good point.

    She was NPO on Monday, eating pretty light on Tuesday, eating more but still light most of the day Wednesday, and back to nursing on demand Wednesday evening.

    She did spit up a tiny bit a couple of times in the hospital, but it makes sense that it wouldn't be significant until she was eating significant amounts.



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