Monday, March 16, 2009

In Surgery

Peeper is in surgery now.

She did pretty well this morning, and didn't start complaining too much about being hungry until the last thirty minutes or so before she went back.

By that time, the admissions nurse was in the room, and I was talking to her, which was distracting me (somewhat), and Shrike was getting the brunt of the complaints.

Probably better though, because at least Peeper didn't *expect* Shrike to feed her.

Anyway, she went back around 7:15 and she was crying when we handed her off (she wasn't the only one), but the anesthesiologist said they'd have her sedated pretty quickly. (Wouldn't you?!)

We've had breakfast, and we're in the peds family room, waiting for Shrike's family and DoulaK to arrive to sit with us, and for the lactation consultant to get me set up for pumping.

I'm doing ok on that front (so to speak) at the moment.

(Until I think for too long about Peeper, then I start letting down. Or "downloading" as I keep finding myself wanting to say.)

It was kind of rough when she was crying earlier, though.

We're not likely to have any news for a few hours, but I will update as soon as I can after we hear that she's off the heart/lung bypass, and done with surgery.


  1. Thinking of you this morning. So hard not to be able to nurse a baby who wants to nurse. Good for you on the pumping and stuff. Eat barley, drink beer. Hang in there!

  2. Still here praying for Peeper and here mamas.

  3. Just talked to Peeper's Mama. She is off the bypass and her heart is beating on its own. Wonderful news!!! Will do an ultrasound and then finish up. Thank God.

  4. healing and loving thoughts being sent your way :-)

  5. Peeper is out of surgery and in the PICU. All went "as expected" according to the surgeon. Great news!!


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