Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good New on the Auto Front

Shrike's car had a tire with a not-so-slow leak, and needed to be inspected; my car had an even less slow oil leak and really needed to be inspected.

(Mine was due in October. I readily admit that I have no excuse for not having done it sometime in the first twenty-six days of the month, but since then, I've been rather busy.)

We dropped her car off on Tuesday, and the mechanic called yesterday to say that the tire had been repaired (or replaced?) and that it had passed inspection with no problems.


Today, she switch cars out her car for mine, and he called back this afternoon to say that it's all ready to go, and that the oil was leaking because the filter was really loose.

Yay again.

Also WHEW!

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  1. I thought it was so weird when we moved here, that they actually gave you the new tags BEFORE you got your car inspected. I mean, what kind of incentive is that for getting the inspection? Other than the ticket, of course...


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