Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mama's Sorry. . .

Dear Peeper:

I seem to be saying this alot lately.

Mama's sorry she taught you the "blow in baby's face" game about two days before coming down with cold symptoms, thus spending what was likely her most contagious period repeatedly blowing germs into your face and right up your nose.

Mama's sorry she bonked your head on the doorway the other day, because she was trying to carry you and a basket of laundry at the same time.

(You're fine. You cried for about fifteen seconds. I cried for fifteen minutes, then had to call Mommy and confess, so she could talk me down.)

Mama's sorry that her love of cheese and all things milk-related hurt your tummy and your little booty.

Mama's really sorry that she investigated that possibility two months ago, but decided it wasn't the case. And that she was so relieved.

Mama's sorry that she didn't remember to pack your Tylenol. Or your snot sucker. Or a weather-appropriate (spring sprung suddenly) spare outfit when we went to Auntie's house yesterday.

Mama's so very, very, very sorry that you have to have surgery.

Mama's sorry that she's so stressed out about your surgery, but also so stressed and distracted by peripheral issues that shouldn't even exist, let alone be taking the focus off of you.

Mama's sorry that your little nose is sore, and it hurts when I use the snot-sucker, which you usually kind of actually get a kick out of.

Mama's sorry that you weren't adequately dressed for that brisk wind that blew up during our walk today.

Mama's sorry that she can't seem to remember that babies need hats.

Mama's sorry about that time when she accidentally had your car window rolled down when it was 30 degrees out.

Mama's sorry about that other time when she had you bundled up in your fleece car seat cocoon and the sun was beating down on you through the window.

(Mama can't wait for spring!)

Mama's sorry that she's going to spend eight hours in the basement this week, training for TutoringCenterOnline.

(Mommy - I'm sorry to you for that one, too.)

Mama's sorry that she can't protect you from any and every little thing that could ever possibly hurt you or scare you or make you unhappy, because you know that if she could, she would.

Oh, my sweet baby, Mama is so very sorry.


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  1. Sigh and sniffle.. my sweet baby is almost 16 and I STILL secretly always apologize to him for various things I've done to him without knowing what I was doing. And I apologize to him out loud, too. LOLOL Peeper is so loved, it's obvious, and she has the best Mama and Mommy!


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