Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daily Peep: Preppy Girl - Properly


  1. The only one amongst us to wear horizontal stripes.

  2. Golly Peep, where did you get that red hair? :D

  3. Okay, seriously, look back at that pic of y'all from '98. Did Shrike have coloring in her hair then? I see a red cast.

  4. I dunno, LK, but look at the photo in the previous post, and compare her haircolor to Galoot's.


    Actually, we do so a reddish cast to it in certain light, and when it's not freshly washed (she's blond with clean hair), but it's not nearly as red in real life as it looks in some of these photos.

    On the other hand, at the hospital today, we were in the elevator with an 18-day-old (Oh, I remember when we measured Peeper's age in days!) baby and her parents, and we heard the very-red-headed mom say to dad, "That's the hair color ours should've had."

  5. I think it's also a thing with coloring on the computer screen. We were looking at that '98 photo today, and see no red in either of us (not that my hair color is relevant for Peeper, but our color is identical in that photo).


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