Friday, March 20, 2009

Are You Sick Of Hearing Me Talk About Poop Yet?

So, we took Peeper in to see the pediatrician this afternoon, for a post-op look-see and to talk about the bloody (again!) poop.

This was the same doctor (there are several in the practice) who saw her recently for her four-month appointment, and for her cold.

She said that she's looking great, for just having had open-heart surgery, that her incision is coming along nicely and that she couldn't hear any heart murmur at all!

As to the poop thing, basically Shrike and I both felt like the gist of what she said was, "Hell if I know."

I could be related to the narcotics that she had for pain relief slowing down her digestive system, and it's irritated as it's getting going again, or it could be more of the same, which could be a sensitivity to something in my diet, which could be dairy.

None of that is definitive at all.

We did agree that removing the "obvious" dairy from my diet has not done the trick, so she said to start reading labels and try to avoid all dairy products - which pretty much rules out just about anything that comes in a box.

That also rules out chocolate, which is going to be a tough one for me, but which I've kind of had a nagging feeling about - probably more like a fear that it was going to be the culprit, or at least an accomplice.

I asked whether I ought to do an actual elimination diet, but she said to try getting rid of the rest of the dairy and we'll see where things stand next week, when we go back for Peeper's last Synagis shot.

Oh, and she weighed 10 lb 7 oz - which, as I'm sure Anonymama will tell you, if I don't beat her to it - was my birth weight.

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  1. "Are You Sick Of Hearing Me Talk About Poop Yet?"

    Nope, not if it's Peeper poop. :D


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