Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Almost Morning

Peeper's continued to do well overnight.

I decided to stay at the hospital, since I needed to be up pumping every 3 - 4 hours anyway, and although we know the nurses and doctors are taking great care of Peeper, and we know that she's safe, I knew I'd still be worried about whether she's happy.

If we were at the hotel, they'd only call us if something were wrong, but with me here, they have instructions to come get me if she's awake and crying.

Also, given that I've got to be up pumping, and given that I am, well, me, we figured that Shrike and I would both get more sleep with me here.

I am not fretting about what's happening, and I'm not keeping her awake!

I got some sleep, then got up to pump and visit with Peeper for a while.

I will go back to "bed" in a few minutes, until time for the nurses to change shifts. Shrike is at the hotel, and will come back to the hospital as soon as she's up.

Assuming she keeps up the good work, they will probably let Peeper start feeding later today - first some Pedialyte, then some breastmilk by bottles, to measure her intake.

As soon as they are happy with the stability of her blood pressure (it's been a bit high, which is typical) they will remove her arterial line (which is measuring it) and then we can pick her up, and I think she will be allowed to start nursing at that point.

In the meantime, they are giving her plenty of morphine and Tylenol for pain. She's awake enough to respond to her environment - holding our fingers, startling at noises, etc - but has been asleep most of the time.

And I should be, too.

More updates as I have them.


  1. You go, Peeper. Hang on Mama and Mommie. She and ya'll are doing great.

  2. That is all great. We're all still praying. You catch a nap every chance you get.


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