Friday, February 13, 2009

What About Love: Something Blue

Celebrate Freedom to Marry week with The Other Mother's blog carnival.

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Okay, now, back to bitching about our lack of rights.

This is not very romantic, but my "something blue" is Blue Cross - Shrike and Peeper's insurance company.

I say it's their insurance company and not ours because her employer won't allow her to put me on her policy.

(Blue Cross would be happy to cover me, but her employer won't.)

Instead, we are currently paying $370/month to continue my coverage from Learning Center and I'm going to take a $10/hour position with Learning Center Online solely because it comes with insurance.

More and more employers do offer domestic partner benefits, but it's still far from the norm.

I'm sure that in most cases, it comes down to a purely financial decision, but it seems to me that discrimination is a pretty chicken-shit way to save a buck.

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