Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fears Founded
(nothing actually scary, don't worry)

Remember back when Peeper "was a baby" (I really do find myself using that phrase when I think of her very early weeks! I am silly.) and I talked about bathing with her?

Well, we still do that every few days, and it's actually the only kind of bath she's ever had, other than just wiping her down (mostly her yucky neck) more or less on a daily basis.

I'm still the one who bathes with her, because Shrike's not big on tub baths anyway ("You're soaking in your own filth!") and is scared to bathe with Peeper because "What if she poops in there?"

I've always thought that she was kind of silly to be worried about that.

Not any more.

Peep usually seems to really enjoy being in the tub, but hates getting out. Last time, though, she started squawking when she got in, so we cut it short and got her out pretty quickly.

Tonight, the squawking began while I was bathing alone, before Shrike brought her in, and didn't stop when she got in.

We were kind of starting to worry that she might not like it anymore, for some reason.

So, we hurried up and got her hair and her neck scrubbed real well, and Shrike went to get the towels.

While we waited, I snugged her up, and offered her some goody, which she accepted and settled down a bit.

When Shrike got back, we decided to just go ahead and let her nurse for a while before getting her out and pissing her off.

Evidently, it relaxed her, because the next thing I new, I was feeling something up against the my leg that she was sitting on.

Something coming out of her butt.

"Oh," I said, "Please let that just be a toot!"

And I felt it again.

And again.

And then I saw it.

By that point, I figured what the hell, no point in leaping out of the water, it's already in there.

So, I let her finish nursing, all the while alternating between laughing about it and thinking EW EW EW!

When she was done, Shrike suggested that we spray her off with the shower before taking her out.

(After which I would take a shower. With soap.)

I figured she was going to hate that, but Shrike got the temperature and pressure adjusted just right, and started at her head, and she actually seemed to like it!

I stood her up and Shrike showered her all off.

I wish there were some way we could've gotten a photo of that, but I think we would've had to invite a friend in to help and, um, no.

At first, I thought we'd found the solution to the tub-exiting hysterics, because the shower seemed to bridge the gap between in-the-water and out-of-the-water, but as Shrike was snugging her up in the towel (and I was starting my real shower. with soap) the squawking began.

Oh well.

She did settle down once she was dressed, which occassionally doesn't happen, so it wasn't too bad.

I'm not quite sure how this experience might change our future bathtime plans, but it's possible that there might be more spraying of the baby involved.

And perhaps a swimmy diaper.


  1. Shrike.. you are NOT alone in your 'sitting in your own filth while in tub' issues!!!! That is EXACTLY the reason I do not take baths.

  2. I used to have that "sitting in your own filth" thing too, but somewhere along the line I discovered the wonderfulness of a good soak. I usually do just shower, but if I tub bathe, after I soap up good and sorta rinse with the soapy water, I drain the tub and rinse again with fresh water before I get out.

  3. awww... i for real found myself chuckling while i read this post... but mommies do what mommies need to do (and evidently so does peeper :-) ). thanks for the smiles :-)


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