Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daily Peep: Pants!

Pretty much since Peeper came home from the hospital, I've been annoyed that she's got tons of really cute onesies that we really can't let her wear much because it's usually too cold to be sitting around with bare legs.

I finally realized that she just needed some pants to wear with them, so I then I spent a few weeks bitching about how she needs pants, and we should look for some pants and you never see just pants for babies, and blah blah baby pants blah blah blah.

A week or so Shrike's sister told us she'd seen baby pants on sale at Target!

Peeper now owns one pair of every "girlie" color they had available in newborn size.

And, as soon as I get a chance to to visit them, LawyerFriend's new arrival, Baby W. (congratulations!!!) will own every "boy" color because, based on my weeks of parenting expertise, I picked out pants to go with all the cute little onsies that I bought for him today.

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  1. Very cute - she looks like such a BIG GIRL in them!


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