Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daily Peep: Nap Time

Large chunks of our days are spent with Peeper in my lap, nursing or napping, which is just fine by me, but on occasion, I feel the need to change things up a bit.

After many, many unsuccessful attempts at laying her down in her bassinet after she's fallen asleep nursing, so that I can do something really frivolous and extravagant and guilt-inducing like, oh, eat or pee, I tried a new strategy yesterday.

Since she likes her play mat / baby gym when she's awake, I thought she might be willing to sleep on it - and it seems to be working!

She rolls over on her side, kind of cuddles up next to the dangling panda (I don't think that's intentional) and more or less stay asleep long enough for me to grab some lunch and eat it.

When she wakes up, she's often content (with a bit of reassurance and encouragement from me) to hang out and stare at her toys for a while.

It's a nice little break, and the bonus is how darn cute she is doing it.


  1. Where is Big Galoot during this nap?

  2. Excellent question.

    The play mat is in the office, where we generally hang out.

    If I leave the room (to pee or get food, for example) while she's on the mat or in her bassinet, I shut the door so he can't get in.

    (Then I check on her obsessively during the three or four minutes it takes to heat something up, to make sure she isn't awake and crying. Yes, we do have a monitor that I could carry to the kitchen with me. I don't know why I don't)

    I often shut the when I am in there, too, just so he doesn't come in and wake her up.

  3. Difficult to edit spelling after posting, isn't it? Just CHECKING.


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