Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daily Peep: Diapers

DoulaK gave us a sample pack of four Bum Genius pocket diapers to test drive.

They are less bulky and possibly more absorbent than the prefolds and covers that we bought from LiPA, but also rather pricey.

I'm going to be helping her with a website for her doula services soon, and we're working out a deal for her to pay me in diapers and baby carriers, so that will help.

(I'd better get crackin' on it, though, because I'm already four diapers and two carriers, plus a loaner, in the hole!)

Still, given as often as we're changing her (seems like every ten minutes!) we'll probably stick with the prefolds for around the house during the day and save these for night or going out and about - if we dare.

At any rate, they sure are cute:


What say you?