Friday, February 6, 2009

Crying Over Spoilt Milk

In preparation for tomorrow, I thawed and checked some frozen breast milk.

Oh my God!


First I tested the oldest and it was just "off" all around.

Shrike & I both tasted it (You got a problem with that?) and I gagged.

Tested some of the "new"est (from early December) and it at least smelled funky, maybe didn't taste right either.

Not exactly sour (the old stuff sort of was) but . . . freezery?


I'm assuming everything in between is nasty too.

That's a LOT of milk to toss, but I'm certainly not feeding it to her.




But I am so glad I checked it, and I'm glad we're not the type to be grossed out about tasting it, or we wouldn't have known.

(We had actually both tasted some quite early on - in the hospital, in fact - out of curiousity. We were surprised how sweet it is. No wonder babies like it.)

We also checked a fresh sample today, to compare back-to-back.

No comparison.

The frozen stuff is definitely no good.

On a lighter note, right after this happened, I was typing an email to DoulaK, telling her essentially what I just said above, when Shrike walked by, stopped and looked at me really funny.

I wondered why for a moment, then realized that, as I was typing, I was making sour-milk faces!

Without saying a word, we both just burst out laughing.

So, now I will definitely have to pump before Peeper can have a bottle.

We've postponed the first one a bit until we can get the pump stuff cleaned really well because the collection bottles are kind of yucky, too.

Also, because I'm a nut, it's postponed until at least past Sunday afternoon, so it will be a full nine weeks since her last bottle.

So, just how bad is this whole milk tossing thing?

134 ounces - just over a gallon

Peeper's none too happy about it either


  1. Oh man, what a waste... couldn't you make breast milk sour cream or yogurt or something?

  2. lol - Well, it's still sitting the sink in its bags, thawing. I suppose we could give it a try . . . .

  3. Then maybe you could package it up and sell it... talk about a niche market.:D

  4. I've never posted but read constantly :)

    Some of my friends who pumped and froze had that same problem but their Midwife/Doula told them to boil it or something like that and see. From what they said it lost its nastyness.

    Just something for you to look into.

    I love Peeper and reading your blog, I always talk to my husband about you guys and show him pictures of Peeper because honestly..]

    You guys rock!

  5. Oh how sad. I just had to dump 5 ounces total - a 3 ounce bag from my own stupidity and 2 ounces leftover daycare bottle from her first day at daycare... and I almost cried. I don't know what I'd do if I had to dump my whole freezer stash. :-(


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