Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloodless Poo

Short version: Peep and her poop are all good.

Long version:
No more visible blood after about 6 pm on Friday, but that evening maybe it seemed that it hurt when she pooped, either when she actually went, or afterward until she was changed.

We took her in to the doctor yesterday, and she told us that the stool culture was clear so far (will have complete results tomorrow), and since she doesn't have fever, isn't lethargic or inconsolable or acting sick that it's most likely just a little anal fissure, which is absolutely inconsenquential.


We also talked to the doctor about the cardiologist mentioning cereal and she said that they generally recommend starting somewhere between four and six months, depending on the individual baby's readiness, and that it's on the agenda to be discussed at her four-month appointment, which will be a couple of weeks from now.

She also said that she would definitely not want to make any changes to her diet right now, until we're sure the blood / poop is resolved, so as to not introduce any additional variables.

So, we'll discuss then.

As to the other stuff, I plan to call the cardiologist's office tomorrow and ask if they know whether the surgical team will be reviewing Peeper's chart this week or next.

I will also (diplomatically) let them know about her weight at the pediatrician's office.

When he was talking about the surgery, it sounded as though one of the factors he was basing it on was her slowing down her growth, and if that's not actually happening, they need to know it, before making a decision.

I certainly don't want them thinking "Well, it could wait if the kid were thriving, but . . . ." when she is.

So, wish me luck with that.

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