Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ta-Da List

I recently received a copy of The Rookie Mom's Handbook and I recommend it for any new mom. It's chock full of ideas for, as the subtitle says, "250 Activities you can do with (or without) your baby."

One suggestion is to occassionally make a "did do" list, as opposed to a "to do" list, showing all that you accomplished during the day, no matter how mundane.

One commenter on their blog referred to this as a "Ta-Da List" and I liked that so much that I stole it.

So, here's my Ta-Da List for today:

Since Shrike left for work this afternoon (approximately nine ten hours ago), I have:

  • Changed eight nine diapers, plus one that got peed on before it was closed up.
  • Cleaned one peedy changing table, and one peedy baby (separate incident from above).
  • Changed one baby outfit (see above).
  • Nursed Peeper eleven twelve times, for a total of three hours, thirty-eight minutes (and counting).
  • Gave Peeper medicine twice. (Another dose due soon.)
  • Consoled crying / fussy baby at least a dozen times.
  • Fed cats.
  • Let dogs in and/or out four times.
  • Made pitcher of (instant) lemonade.
  • Drank four glasses of lemonade.
  • Microwaved and ate frozen pizza.
  • Open cereal box, served and ate bowl of cereal with milk. All one-handed.
  • Moved clothes from washer to dryer.
  • Did 2.5 billable hours of web development work and sent twelve related emails.
  • Sent seven emails regarding Democratic Party business.
  • Received and replied to six emails from Shrike.
  • Confirmed two Facebook friends.
  • Answered two spam phone calls and told callers to take me off their lists.
  • Answered door for one baby gift delivery.
  • Woke, frightened and made Peeper cry twice. Once by sneezing loudly, once by playing a web video.
  • Got the song "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits stuck in my head for no apparent reason. (It was on the radio when we were driving to Peeper's cardiologist appointment on Wednesday.)
  • Researched online web programming classes, since the only language I know is only supported by one hosting company that I know of (my former employers) and I want need to be more flexible than that.
  • Ordered a pizza, via the interwebs.
  • Ate two slices of pizza.
  • Peed twice.
  • Listed everything I did all day.
  • Photographed Peeper.
  • Blogged. Thrice.
  • Was the recipient of a handful of baby smiles, which makes it all worthwhile.


  1. And the standard question to stay-at-home moms is"do you work"! Busy bee.

  2. OMG, I know one of the women who wrote that book! What are the chances...
    And I love the idea of the ta-da list. I wish I'd done that for myself when Emmie was tiny.

  3. Hi there! Love that you are blogging the early days and that you "get" our book.

    This is the best ta-da list I've seen so far.

    Keep in touch!

  4. Oh my gosh! That's certainly high praise, coming from the author of the book!

    Boy, I guess the pressure is really on now, to do some more activities from the book and blog about them!


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