Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Girl!

After much insurance rigamarole and a week-long delay, Peeper finally got her second Synagis (RSV) shot today.

She handled it about as well as one can expect a baby to handle a shot, and the most noteworthy thing to report is that she now weighs 8 pounds, 13 ounces!

That means that she's more than doubled her lowest weight of 4 lb 4 oz!

(Of course, we don't know if she needs to hit 9 lb 4 oz or 10 lb 8 oz to double her birth weight. Grrr.)

After the doctor's office, Peeper and I spent the evening at Democratic Headquarters, helping to hand out hot chocolate and cider and cookies and such, during the local ice festival. (Four days of ice sculptures downtown, businesses open late, some vendors, etc.)

Of course, I did more chatting with the guests and such than anything really useful, because I had a baby strapped to the front of me. (No ladling of hot liquids for me!)

Dr B (our OB) was walking past the office and saw me and Peeper inside, so she stopped by to say hello. It was nice to see her, and to show off Peeper, of course.

Shrike won't be home for another our or so, but Peeper and I need to get to bed soon, so that we can get up early (five-ish?) to head up to CapitalCity for her first statewide Democratic training/meeting.

Actually, the training sessions (and parties) were tonight, but we blew that off. We're just going for the business meetings tomorrow. We're riding with a friend of mine (the one who hosted our shower, actually) and she's picking us up around 6:30.

I know, that's crazy, but the meetings start at 8, so that's what we've got to do to get there in time. Ugh.

I usually chair a couple of meetings, but I arranged for someone else to chair one and got out of the other altogether, and I figure I can sneak out of other meetings if Peeper says so.
At last winter's meeting, I had told several people about our baby plans (by way of explaining why I wasn't running for delegate or looking for a bigger role in a campaign) and then I went to two meetings while I was pregnant (in June and September) so several of the folks that we'll see there have been following along since before Peeper was conceived, and they are anxious to meet her.

I was a bit ambivalent about going, but what finally tipped the scale is that I'd promised so many people I'd be there, and I hated to disappoint them.

Yeah, I really am full of myself, aren't I?


  1. Hey, she's beat my birth weight!

  2. But not that of Whozat and Little Bro!


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