Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Night Long

So, as I said last night, Peeper nursed from about 12:30 - 1 am, and was asleep when Shrike came in from work.

I handed her off, and she stayed more or less asleep while I took a bath, and the two of them slept on the couch until about 3 am.

At that point, Peeper slept through a diaper change, and the three of us getting into bed.

She did some wiggling and whimpering from time to time, but nothing requiring more than a few butt-pats and shushes, until she woke up for real, ready to nurse, at seven thirty this morning!

Mind you, she typically goes to sleep around 2:30, and I generally get my first wake-up call between 4:30 (the past two mornings) and 6:30.

Scared the hell out of us!

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