Saturday, October 9, 1999

Before the Blog: Leavin' On a Jet Plane

It's been a while since the last update, we've been pretty busy lately. Whozat's been spending a lot of time working on some new web sites and she just started a long-term substitute teaching assignment this past week. She did three days, and tomorrow she heads to Texas for her first trip home since we moved to BlueState.

She'll resume the teaching assignment the next week when she gets back. She's really looking forward to this trip, and has a list a mile long of people to visit and restaurants to eat at!

In fact, she should be asleep right now, since she has to pack in the morning and catch at plane around noon, but she's evidently too excited to sleep - so she's updating the web site....

Sunday, September 19, 1999

Before the Blog: Wedding Postponed

Well, this weekend we decided that even with Whozat's upcoming long-term assignment, we're just not in a position to be shelling out the kind of money required to put on the wedding we'd like to have, so we've decided to postpone it until we're a little more financially secure.

We're still planning and keeping our eyes open for good ideas, but we're going to wait until we've got the money coming in a little more steadily before we reset the date.

In meantime, we're still working on the plans, keeping our eyes open for good ideas and trying to decide if a "red hearts" theme would look stupid at some other time of the year. Thank God we haven't engrave those toasting glasses yet!

Friday, September 17, 1999

Before the Blog: A Job!

Well, as you might have guessed, Whozat's been pretty busy lately updating the web site, as well as working on a few others.

She started substitute teaching a couple of weeks ago, and doesn't seem to be having any trouble staying busy with that. From the looks of it, she could work every day if she wanted, but probably needs to be home a couple of days to keep working on her web design classes.

More good news on Whozat's job situation - she's lined up for a long-term sub position, covering for a teacher on maternity leave, from mid-October to late January. After 20 days, she'll go to full 1st year teacher salary - which in BlueState is just a couple of dollars less a day than she was making in her ninth year in Texas! It'll be really nice to have that money coming in, especially right at Christmas time.

In other news, Whozat bought her plane ticket this week for a visit to Texas in October - she's really looking forward to that.

Other than that, work and dog-sitting for Shrike's family has been keeping us pretty busy these days. Guess that's about all our excitement for now!

Thursday, August 5, 1999

Before the Blog: Birthday Boy

Whozat's job search continues, but she's started doing some online training in HTML and other web design stuff through Ziff-Davis University. We're hoping that she'll soon know enough - and be able to prove it - to get a job!

We went to the BlueState Pridefest and Lilith Fair this weekend and boy, was it hot!!!

The big excitement of this week is Shrike's nephew's birthday party, which is coming up on Saturday. He turned 2 on Sunday, August 1.

We're watching him all afternoon, so his mom (Shrike's sister) can get things ready for the party - we may need a nap by party time! We're looking forward to it, though.

He's a cutie and he's really starting to warm up to his Aunt Whozat, which she is thrilled about! Not too much other excitement happening here, sorry folks. :-)

Monday, June 14, 1999

Before the Blog: Capital PrideFest

Well, dinner with Shrike's family went well. Her sister had already told their grandparents that Whozat is visiting for the summer, so we guess she'll just like it so much she decides to stay! Shrike's mom still made small talk with Whozat about her job search, but we don't think her grandparents heard any of that.

We went to DC yesterday for the Capital Pride Festival and it was great! As Whozat commented on the way home, "That was probably more queers than I've seen in my entire life - even if you count all the ones that I didn't even know were queer!"

That's probably true - they were predicting around 200,000 people to attend the street fair, and it didn't look like the intermittent rain kept anyone away.

This was our first Pridefest, but it certainly won't be our last. We're definitely making plans to attend the BlueState Pridefest that's coming up. No new news on Whozat's job search, we'll keep you posted on that as things develop.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Before the Blog: Meeting the Grandparents

Well, we've now been in BlueState for almost two weeks and we're starting to get somewhat settled into our new apartment.

We still haven't unpacked much, but since it's temporary, Whozat is thinking of every box unpacked as just another one to repack in a few weeks!

Whozat's job search is progressing, she should hear back in a couple of weeks from an interview she had for a software trainer position and the web editor position should be interviewing about that time.

She's decided that since she was dreading the possibility of the high school she interviewed with last week offering her a job and since she was relieved when they didn't, that she should take it as a clue that she's done with teaching, so she's not pursuing any of the other teaching positions she's heard about.

She has signed up with a temp agency, in hopes of getting a little work between now and finding something permanent, but nothing has come of that yet. The agency also offers some pretty advanced computer training about an hour away, so if nothing comes of the other jobs, she's planning to look into that.

We have plans for dinner this evening with Shrike's family to celebrate her grandfather's birthday, which was this week. Whozat is a little nervous about meeting Shrike's grandparents, because they know absolutely *nothing*.

We assume that they know Shrike had a roommate when she was living in Texas, but as far as we know, they have no idea that her "roommate" has moved to BlueState. We're hoping Shrike's mom has at least mentioned this to them, but Whozat's thinking they still may wonder what the hell she's doing at a family function.

Shrike's sister suggested telling them for now that Whozat is just here for the summer (believable, since she's a teacher) but Whozat isn't too keen on that, since she figures the only good topic for "small talk" with Shrike's parents will be her job search! It should certainly prove to be interesting.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Before the Blog: Welcome to BlueState!

We made it! After three days and 1500 miles of driving - we're in our new apartment in BlueState.

The apartment is, well, it's temporary, is what it is.

We'll just be here until we know where Whozat will be working, then we'll find something a little (a lot!) nicer.

Speaking of the job hunt, Whozat has an interview tomorrow for a high school teaching job in the town where Shrike's parents live and she sent out a resume today for a web editor job.

She's given them the URL of this page as an example of her web skills, based on the theory that if anything they read here stops them from hiring her, it's not a place she'd be comfortable working anyway. She's a little nervous about it, so let's all keep our fingers crossed on that!

Other than that, we've been pretty busy trying to get moved in here, and we still have a long way to go with that. And speaking of, it looks like it's time to go unpack something, so watch this spot for more information!

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Before the Blog: Ready to Roll

Hey folks! This will be the last update for a few days. Whozat will be loading up the moving truck tomorrow afternoon, so she's got to pack up the computer tonite.

After several false leads and near misses, she's finally got a crew together to get the stuff onto the truck. So tomorrow will be a busy, busy day for her.

As soon as school is out, (it's the last day of school so that will be a "gaggle-fuck" (as Shrike says) in and of itself!) she'll be delivering her car to the dealership that's buying it and getting her money for that, then picking up the truck (across the street from the car dealership, as luck would have it!) and coming home to meet the guys and start loading. She's hoping to get that done in 3 hours or so - keep your fingers crossed for that!

Then on Friday, she gets off work at noon, then has to make a trip to the credit union to make a billion different deposits, transfers and withdrawals and then home to get the house into "move-out" condition. Lots of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming scheduled for Friday!

That evening is her nephew's 8th grade graduation and then dinner w/her sister's family and then home to wait for Shrike!

YIPPEE! We should be together in 52 hours!

Saturday morning we'll load up the last few things, stop by Whozat's parents for a quick visit (and to dump off a few things she's leaving there that she forgot to take yesterday, of course) and then drop off the rental car Shrike's driving in from Houston and we'll be on our way!

We should arrive in BlueState sometime Monday and we *think* we know where we'll be living when we get there. Shrike is supposed to be getting things settled today on a tiny little month-to-month apt where we can stay until we know where Whozat will be working.

We should be back online as soon as we can unpack the computer and hook it up, since Shrike already has an account up there, so we'll be sure to post an update then!

Friday, May 21, 1999

Before the Blog: Moving Plans


By this time next week, Shrike should have arrived and we should be well on our way to getting "reacquainted" ;-)

Whozat is busy-busy-busy with packing and planning. Shrike is doing her best to locate us a place we can both live til we're settled job-wise, without her having an hour commute to work everyday (as it would be from M & C's place.) We have a few options on how to work it out, but nothing is solid yet.

Whozat is working on lining up a crew of "strapping young men" to load the truck on Thursday. She's hoping to be able to just stand around and give directions and not have to exert herself too much! Especially since we'll both be among the crew of not-so-strapping not-so-young dykes who'll be stuck unloading it in BlueState a few days later!

No real news on the job front - Whozat's got some leads on some teaching positions, but she's really hoping for something else to pop up.

Oh, by the way, Whozat's mom's surgery went fine, she's back home, as of a few hours ago, and is doing well. She's still in a lot of pain, especially after all the exertion getting involved in getting home and getting settled, but she says the physical therapy is a bit easier each time and she's looking forward to a few weeks down the road when she's fully recovered and getting around much better than before the surgery.

Sunday, May 16, 1999

Before the Blog: The Secret Sock Stash

Well, Whozat's been a packing fool the last week! Got a lot done last weekend and even more this weekend. Looks like she's right on schedule.

Here's a funny thing - the kitties have a thing about socks - they love to steal them (MamaCat will steal them from the drawer if it's open even a crack - Whozat has come home and found a trail of socks from the bedroom to the front door!) and they love to "kill" them - especially in the middle of the night!

As she was cleaning out and packing the office closet, Whozat found their secret stash of socks - in the back corner, behind some boxes were about 8 socks that they've evidently stolen and hidden there!

Either that or that's where they go when they disappear from the dryer!

Possible good news on the job front - Whozat has a couple of calls to return tomorrow from potential employers who left messages for her on Friday - Yippee!

She's taking a sick day tomorrow to run errands and make tons of phone calls. Also, her mom's have surgery tomorrow (having both knees replaced) so she'd like to be around for that.

Shrike is enjoying her new job and getting to spend lots of time w/her family. She's also been visiting our friends M & C a bit - she's gone up to their place a couple of Fridays to watch Xena with them.

Whozat thinks it's totally unfair that she had to watch this weeks episode (Ides of March) alone and Shrike didn't! Well, that's about all our news - more later!

Monday, May 10, 1999

Before the Blog: Packing Up

18 days to go....Shrike seems to be settling in to her new job - bummer that she has to be there at 6:30 am, though!

Whozat is hanging in there, counting the days.

She started packing this weekend - got a lot done in the way of books and fru-fru-look-pretty stuff that won't get used in the next few weeks anyway.

Tomorrow is Whozat's birthday. She celebrated it, her sister's birthday (which is Thursday) and Mother's Day with her family yesterday. Her big gift was a computer upgrade and a scanner from her parents. Here's a picture of her engagement ring!

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Wedding Journal: Ring-a-Ding-Done

Good news! I now have my rings!

After all the mess with them earlier, I didn't expect them to be in today, but after lurking around the mall outside the store for the woman to get back from picking up things at the jeweler's - I finally got them! And they both fit!

Of course, I had to try on the band with the engagement ring a few times - just to see how it looks - but not in the car!

Before the Blog: Happy Birthday, Shrike!

First, let's start with a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shrike, who turned the BIG 3-0 yesterday!

This message from Whozat, who's days at the BIG 3-0 are seriously numbered!)

Well, still working on the plan for Shrike to fly down and drive to BlueState with Whozat. Whozat's mom called a couple of days ago and offered to kick in $100 if it would help Shrike to fly all the way to Texas, so they could make the whole trip together - Would it ever!

Shrike talked to her new boss yesterday and got the OK to be off Memorial Day *and* to leave work a couple of hours early the Friday before. So, the latest plan is for her to fly to BigCityAbout2HoursFromWhozat on Friday evening May 28, and both of us to head for BlueState Saturday morning.

Since she's off Monday, we can do the trip in 3 days if we need to. We're hoping Whozat's brother, who lives in BigCity..., can give Shrike a ride from the airport that night, so Whozat can work on getting the truck loaded and have that done when she gets there.

Whozat tried to go book the flight this afternoon, but when she got to the travel agency they were closed. She's going to try again tomorrow.

So, with the change in plans and the passing of time the Shrike-and-Whozat-Can't-Stand-Being-Apart Countdown now stands at 30 days.

More good news on the wedding plans journal page.

Sunday, April 25, 1999

Wedding Journal: Shopping

Well, Shrike just left for BlueState, but you can read all about that elsewhere, so I'll save this space for better news.

We went out to the mall yesterday to pick up a few wedding things. We bought the toasting glasses - which are absolutely beautiful. We're waiting on the engraving, though, because we figure nothing will screw up the availability of the wedding date like engraving it on the glasses!

We went to the dollar store first, though, to pick up the bubbles for the reception. We've seen them packaged specifically for weddings several places, but they're like 24 for $6 and the $ store had packages of 6 for . . . a dollar.

So, of course, when we went to buy them they were out. Whozat went and asked the cashier about them and she was real damn helpful:

"Were they on the back wall?"


"Well, if they're not there, then we're out of them."

"Will you be getting some more in?"

"Who knows."

Gee thanks. Bitch.

We figured if they don't we're only going to spend about $5 more to buy them elsewhere - but it's the principal of the thing, you know? Oh well.

Before that, though, we went in this little boutique by the mall, just scouting out dresses. They didn't have anything we were interested in, and we couldn't have afforded anything there, anyway, but I knew that the owner is a lesbian so she wanted to at least take a look there.

So when Shrike asked if she had anything in white and she asked us "what kind of white are you looking for, what is this for?" What did we say?

NOTHING! We decided we're going to need a little more work on this if we can't even come out to another lesbian!

Before the Blog: The Count-Down Begins

Well, Shrike just left for BlueState and Whozat is doing the best she can. Which isn't very well. She's trying to distract herself by working on the website - it isn't working.

However, we did come up with a slightly improved plan for Whozat's move. That's planned for Memorial Day weekend and we were trying to find a way Shrike could fly down, or part way down and drive back with her.

We found a flight from BlueState to Birmingham, Alabama for under $200, so the plan is from Whozat to get the Ryder truck all packed up on Friday, May 28 (after probably working 1/2 day, but she *might* be able to get out of that) and leave early Saturday morning.

Meanwhile, Shrike will get on a plane around noon and fly to Birmingham. She'll arrive around 4 pm, go check into the hotel and wait for Whozat and the kitties to get in. Whozat will drive til she gets there - it could be a long drive for one day, but we'll know better after Shrike makes the drive how long it will take.

We'll meet up there, spend the night in Birmingham and drive the rest of the way together. If Shrike is off work Monday, that would be great, but if not, we should be able to make it there in one long days drive, since there will be two of us.

Whozat is going tomorrow to buy Shrike's plane ticket. We know it only makes a couple of days difference in how soon we'll be together, but for now, it's helping a bit.

34 days to go.

Friday, April 23, 1999

Before the Blog: Moments Later . . .

Shrike is home, the rings fit and my college ring is back in my possession (it was a nice idea, but it's been bugging the hell out of me not having it on my finger!)

Wedding Journal: Ring-a-Ding-Ding

Well, after a series of phone calls to the jewelry store, and their promise that the rings would be in sometime after 4 pm today, we realized that Shrike would have to leave for work around 3 pm, so we wouldn't be able to pick them up until tomorrow.

However, I decided to surprise her by going to get them this evening. Of course, the very nice guy that we ordered them from wasn't working, so I had to ask the little old lady behind the counter for them.

I was a bit worried that since they were ordered in Shrike's name, I might have some trouble, but little did I know that was the least of my problems.

Of course, I was a bit worried about them fitting, so I decided I should check them first. I'm wearing a ring of Shrike's until the actual engagement rings come in (Shrike's wearing my college ring!) and, as luck would have it, Shrike had been wearing that ring on her "wedding finger," so I figured I could try Shrike's rings on my pinky (the only finger any of Shrike's rings fit on on me!) where I'm wearing the other one and if it fits there, it should fit Shrike. Right?

Sooooo.... LittleOldLady hands me two teeny-tiny ziplocks, each containing an engagment ring and a commitment band. I open one, look at the rings, and decide that since they're tiny, they must be Shrike's. I slips them on my pinky and they fit.

"Perfect! Now to check mine," I think.

I open the other bag, pull out those rings and they are -- ALSO TINY!

LittleOldLady checks and tells me that one set is a size 6 and the other a 6 1/2. Now, one of those (which?) is probably the size Shrike ordered but I ordered a 9 1/2!

Since there doesn't seem to be a record anywhere in the store of the original order, with the sizes listed, and I don't know which of the rings would fit Shrike, I give up on the surprise and call her at work to tell her the problem. Shrike says she thinks that she'd ordered the 6 1/2, but she isn't sure.

Meanwhile, LittleOldLady is re-checking the sizes and reports that they are *both* 6 1/4! So, the cat is out of the bag for nothing!

Thankful that it's my rings that are screwed up, not Shrike's (since Shrike will be leaving for BlueState on Sunday) I arrange to have one of them sent back to the jeweler to be enlarged - three sizes!

LittleOldLady swears that enlarging it that much won't make the band (which is already thin) noticably thinner. I will believe that when I see the finished ring next to Shrike's.

I'm supposed to "check back on Wednesday" to see if my rings are ready. I'll believe that when I see it, too.

Then LittleOldLady asks, "Are you going to pay that off today?"

Now, originally we were told that we had to put 20% down and we'd have a year to pay, and he told us how much it would be per month and no interest for 90 days, and so on and so on.

We ended up putting twice that amount down and I had set back some money to give them that much more in May, hoping to get it all paid off before the interest kicked in.

So, I tells LittleOldLady, "No, I'm just going to make a payment."

"Oh," says LOL, "then I can't let you have these," and takes back Shrike's rings!

Well, after all the trouble I'd been through with it so far - and considering that LittleOldLady, although she's being totally nonchalant about it all, is probably freaking out that these two women have ordered engagement rings and wedding bands - and because I'm just too embarrassed to argue with her, because what if we had misunderstood the whole arrangement in the first place? - I just said "Oh, okay!" and paid them off.

Not what I had planned to do with that money - I was thinking more along the lines of paying the phone and electric bills! But, it should work out okay, since by the time those are due, Shrike should have some money from her new job to send to me, but still!

But wait! It gets better!

After giving up on my trip to Wal-mart and on buying the $30 toasting glasses, thanks to the extra money that I just gave to LittleOldLady, I go to my car to leave.

Once in the car, I can't resist, I just have to have another look at Shrike's rings. I open the lid and Shrike's commitment band leaps out of the box and into the console between the seats.

Breathing a sigh of relief that it is safe, I reach to pick it up and it (showing amazing agility for a piece of gold) slides off the console and under the passenger's seat!

After trying to reach it from driver's seat (and almost getting trapped between the console and seat and scraping the hell out of my arm trying to extricate myself) I crawl into the back seat, practically stand on my head and looks under the seat.

There, looking as innocent as you please, is the ring, right under the middle of the seat. Finally, I manage to retrieve it and return it to the box.

Eventually, both the rings and I made it home safely and at the moment are waiting for Shrike to get in from work.

I will be mighty glad to get that ring on Shrike's finger and the commitment band into Shrike's jewelry box so they can be *her* responsibility to keep up with!

More news as it happens. . . .

Before the Blog: Ghosts of the Past

We enjoyed our day off together yesterday. While at my mom's the other night, I snagged some old family videos and made Shrike watch them - we even went back over and got some more last night. Shrike has seen my brother snd I in our 6th grade plays, mr on a TV quiz show from 6th grade and about 3 years of Christmas.

We really got a kick out of seeing exactly when my brother's voice changed and when he went from getting toys as gifts to getting clothes (sometime between Christmas 81 and Christmas 82).

I also had to call my dad at 11 pm (her mom's out of town, I'll have to talk to her later) to say, "I just called to apologize for being such a bitch when I was 13!"

As I told Shrike later, "I wish I'd seen this tape a few months ago - coming out to them would've been a lot easier - if they didn't kill me for talking to them like that back then -- being a dyke is nothing compared to that!"

All in all, it was pretty darn amusing - it was kind of cool to see everybody all young and skinny and sprightly!

Now Shrike is working on getting packed up to head for BlueState on Sunday. She's boxing up all the various parts of her computer, while I sit around saying, "Gee, honey, that looks kind of hard, you sure you don't want some help?"

Guess I wasn't too convincing with that offer to help, since she didn't take her up on it.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Before the Blog: Saying Good-Bye

Arrangements for Shrike's move to BlueState are progressing - and we're dealing with it the best we can.

Since her birthday (the BIG 3-0! - Of course, I got there last year, so I can't say too much about it - doesn't stop me, though!) is next week, we did some combination birthday celebration/good-bye visits last night.

Went over to my parents' house to get her gift from them, then out to dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew. They had a birthday present and a going-away present (a Texas T-shirt) for her and I surprised her with a cute little birthday cake.

I'm taking a couple of days off work, Thursday and Friday, so we can spend some time together and maybe get some wedding stuff done before she goes. We're still waiting for our rings to come in; the guy at the store says he's told the jeweler who's making them that we have to have them by Friday - keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Wedding Journal: Getting Started

We've been engaged for a month now and we've already made tons of plans.

We have the attendants and the music for the ceremony all picked out, the ceremony is more or less written, we've made up sample invitations and programs - which we'll be printing ourselves.

My mom has offered to let us do it at her house and we've got a good idea what we want in the way of decorations. Since the ceremony will be at Valentine's Day, we're going with the whole red hearts theme - we want red roses (which we'll probably be paying a fortune for!) for us and the attendants to carry and to sit around and look pretty. Our invitations and programs will be printed in red, with hearts on them, and we're hoping to get a heart shaped cake.

We've ordered our engagement rings and commitment bands. They are going to be our early birthday gifts to each other. The engagement rings have a heart with a diamond (Shrike's birthstone) in one half and an emerald (my birthstone) in the other.

The stones are tiny, but neither of us wanted anything too big and gaudy. The commitment bands will be pretty narrow, with a notch so they fit against the engagement rings. We're hoping those will come in with in the next week, so we can have them before Shrike leaves for BlueState.

We're also hoping to go check out some bakeries and florists next week, since we probably won't be in Texas together again until Christmas - and that will only be six weeks before the wedding!

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Before the Blog: We're Engaged!

Big news here! While in BlueState, Shrike popped The Question - and of course, I said "YES!"

We're planning the ceremony for February 12, 2000 - for more details check out our wedding page!

By the way, the big meeting with Shrike's family went really well -- her mom even hugged me good-bye when we left!

Other big news from our trip - we both went on lots of job interviews. I did six informal interviews in four days, at schools all over that end BlueState, but won't know about actual openings until June.

Shrike went on two interviews - and got two job offers! One of them offered her a good bit more money than she's making now, so that was impossible to turn down. The only bummer of it is that they want her to start May 3 - and I won't be finished with school until May 28.

So, she will be leaving for BlueState on April 25 :-( and staying with her sister until I get up there around the first of June. Needless to say, we're not looking forward to the month of May at all, but it will be nice for Shrike to already have a job when we get there.

Being a teacher, I have all summer to come up with a job, since she'll have paychecks coming in from her current job until August. We're planning to stay with our friends M & C (with whom we stayed during our visit last month) until I finds a job and we find a place to live.

We'll keep you posted on that, I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Before the Blog: First Trip to BlueState

At the moment, Shrike and I are planning a trip to BlueState, in preparation for moving there this summer. We will be staying with friends while I go on job interviews and Shrike visits with her family.

Oh yeah - and I will be meeting Shrike's family for the first time - YIKES!

Friday, January 1, 1999

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Frozen Embryo Transfer

Trying To Make Another Baby Archive: Preparations

√ Dec2009 Phone consult w/Dr E re Whozat
√ Jan2010 Phone consult w/Dr E re Shrike
√ Mar2010 Plans on hold
√ Apr2010 Anonyparents offer money to help
√ May2010 Day 3 Blood/US
√ May2010 Lots of follicles
√ May2010 Fibroids no problem
√ May2010 FSH/Estradiol a bit elevated
√ May2010 Ovarian Assessment Test very good
√ May2010 Egg Retrieval Score 16/20
√ May2010 Apply for IVF med study
√ May2010 Approved for "shared help"
√ June2010 Get money, pay off Peeper loan
√ Aug2010 Tentatively approved for study
√ Aug2010 Weight check "perfect"
√ Aug2010 Infectious disease testing
√ Aug2010 We're in the study! (Pending prescreen)
√ Aug2010 Finish BC Pill
√ Sept2010 Mock Transfer - Fibroid needs removed
√ Oct2010 Back on the pill
√ Oct2010 Fibroid removed
√ Oct2010 Off BC Pill
√ Nov2010 Select new sperm donor
√ Nov2010 Mock Transfer - More fibroid to remove
√ Dec2010 Back on the pill
√ Dec2010 Remove remaining fibroid
√ Jan2011 Off pill again
√ Jan2011 Mock Transfer #3 - All clear!
√ Feb2011 Popeye is available!!! Order/store sperm!
√ Mar2011 Sign study consent forms
√ Mar2011 Pre-Screening Blood/Urine/US
√ Mar2011 Approved for Study!!!
IVF Cycle
Frozen Embryo Transfer

Peeper's Progress Archive: Year Five

48 months - Height 37" Weight 35.6 lb
50 months - Height 37 3/4" Weight 37 lb
51 months - Height 37 7/8" Weight 37.6 lb
52 months - Height 38" Weight 38.8 lb
53 months - Weight 40 lb
53 months - Car seat faced forward
55.5 months - Height 39" Weight 39.8 lb

Peeper's Progress Archive: Year Four

36 mos Height 35.5" / Weight 29.2 lb
36 mos Diaper-free in daytime
36 mos 8 days Sleeping in Big Girl Bed
36 mos 10 days Diaper-free fulltime
38 mos Officially Potty Trained!
45 mos Height 37.5" / Weight 34 lb

Peeper's Progress Archive: Year Three

24 mos Weight 23 lb 8 oz (13th %ile) / 32 1/4"  (13th %ile) / Head18 1/4" (20th %ile)
25-26 mos LL, LR, UR 2 yr molars
26 mos Using a few 2-word phrases
27 mos Speaking in sentences (sort of)
27 mos UL 2 yr molar
28 mos Talk talk talking!

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Twenty-Three
August 27 - September 26, 2010

99w1d Pooped in potty (we caught it)

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Twenty-Two
July 27 - August 26, 2010

94w2d Height 31" Weight 21 lb 4 oz

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Twenty-One
June 27 - July 26, 2010

87w5d Crawled! (FINALLY!)
88w0d Did 6-piece shape puzzle
89w0d 15th Tooth (left lower canine)
90w1d Two cavities
90w1d Weight 20 lb 10 oz

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Twenty
May 17 - June 26, 2010

83w1d Weight 20 lb 5 oz
83w1d 1st 2x Ear Infection
85w2d Tooth #14 Rt Lower Canine(?)
85w5d Weight 20 lb 8 oz
86w3d Weight 20 lb 9 oz

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Nineteen
April 27 - May 26, 2010

78w1d Weight 20 lb 2 oz / Height 29 3/4"
79w3d Stabbing & picking up food with fork
80w2d 13th Tooth - Rt Upper Canine

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Eighteen
March 27 - April 26, 2010

74w2d Weight 20 lbs
74w3d Standing up from sitting/lying (Finally!)
76w6d 12th Tooth - Left upper canine

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Seventeen
February 27 - March 26, 2010

70w3d Weight 20 lb 1 oz?
70w3d Echocardiogram "Perfect!"
70w4d 11th Tooth - Lower left lateral incisor

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Sixteen
January 27 - February 26, 2010

65w2d Height 29" / Weight 18 lb 10 oz / Head 17.5"
65w6d 7th Tooth - Right upper 1-year molar
66w3d 8th Tooth - Left upper 1-year molar
66w4d 9th Tooth - Right lower 1-year molar
68w0d 10th Tooth - Left lower 1-year molar
68w1d Weight 19 lb 5 oz???
68w1d Tyrosine level in normal range!

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Fifteen
December 27 - January 26, 2010

61weeks Doing great w/spoon
63w4d Blowing Kisses
64w0d 1st date night for Mama/Mommy
64w0d First vomit / stomach virus
64w0d First solo bath
64w3d Putting objects in containers
64w5d Ate with spoon & bowl
65w0d Mimicking a few non-word "words"

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Fourteen
November 27 - December 26, 2009

56w4d Walked across floor to dog food
56w4d Ate dog food
56w5d Walking across rooms!
57w0d Weight 18 lb 15 oz
56w4d Definitely signing "fan"
57w4d Walking, not cruising, along wall, etc
57w5d I say it's official. She's walking!
60w2d First ear infection
60w4d Allergic to Amoxicillin?

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Thirteen
October 27 - November 26, 2009

52w3d Weight 18 lb 11 oz / Height 27 1/4"
52w?d Trying to stand up, middle of floor
54w1d Met baby cousins!
54w4d Definitely waving "bye-bye"
54w2d Signing "fan" and "flower"???
54w5d Pulled up to standing w/ chair
55w2d Letting go, taking steps
55w3d Signing "gentle?"
55w5d Taking more steps. Very close!
56w?? Pointing with forefinger
56w3d Standing no-hands a lot!

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Twelve
September 27 - October 26, 2009

48w0d Blowing bubbles in bathwater
49w6d 1st Big Girl Shoes Size 4W
50w0d Recognizes books by title
50w1d Waving at strangers in mall
50w4d Definitely cruising for real
51w1d Pulled up to standing (on Mama)

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Eleven
August 27 - September 26, 2009

43w5d 1st Bee Sting :-(
44w0d 4th Tooth Rt Upper Central Incisor
44w6d Signed "Milk" (????)
45w0d 5th Tooth Left Upper Lateral Incisor
45w1d Signed "Eat"
45w2d Signed "dog" (?) Signed "cold" (????)
46w0d Signing "dog" on command
46w2d 6th Tooth Left Right Lateral Incisor
46w3d Signing "All Done" and "Milk"
46w4d 3rd Cold

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Ten
July 27 - August 26, 2009

39w2d Wt 16lb12oz / Ht 26.25" / HC 17.7"
39w2d Hemoglobin 9.4 (want 10-12)
40w0d First "Bababa"
40w3d Babadada etc
40w5d Second cold (2 days)
40w6d First Steps btw Mommy & Mama
42w4d "Pre-cruising" 1-2 steps
42w4d Mumumum (Not "Mama")
42w5d 3rd Tooth - top lt central incisor
42w5d First bubble bath
43w1d First Sign: "More"

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Nine
June 27 - July 26, 2009

35w0d Weight 15lb 13oz / ~15th %ile
35w0d Echocardiogram "Perfect"
35-36w-ish Sitting unsupported for real
35w5d Corn on the cob, Strawberry
36w2d-37w2d 1st trip w/just Mama
37w0d First Tooth Left Lower Central Incisor
37-38w-ish Walking holding an adult's hands
38w0d First swimming lesson
38w1d Second Tooth Right Lower Central Incisor

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Eight
May 27 - June 26, 2009

30w4d Weight 14 lb 4 oz / 6th %ile
31w0d French fry (just 1, no salt)
32w1d Eating from palm side of hand
32w3d Banging 2 objects together
34w0d Sitting unsupported - mostly
34w3d Trying to pull to standing

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Seven
April 17 - May 26, 2009

26w2d Wt 12lb14oz/Ht 24.5"/HC 15.9"
26w6d Banana
27w0d Ritz cracker
27w1d Broccoli
27w4d Carrot, Potato, Pot Roast
27w6d Sweet Potato, Avocado
28w1d Asparagus
28w2d Apple, Zucchini, Yellow Squash
28w3d Hummus, Watermelon
28w5d Turkey Sausage, Pasta, BBQ Sauce
29w0d Turkey, Ham, Green & Wax Beans
29w1d Cantaloupe
29w2d Rice, Beans, Corn
29w3d Chicken
29w4d Pork, Bread

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Six
March 27 - April 26, 2009

22w1d Captopril 1 mg x 1/day
22w6d Last dose of Captopril!
24w0d Last dose of Lasix!
25w1d Weight 12 lb 7 oz

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Five
February 27 - March 26, 2009

18w3d My first cold
18w5d Weight 10 lbs
20w0d VSD/ASD Repaired
20w0d Off Ventilator
20w1d Breathing room air
20w1d Allowed bottles (pedialyte, breast milk)
20w1d Allowed to be held!
20w2d Allowed to nurse!
20w2d Reached, took & shook rattle
20w2d Moved to Intermediate Care
20w3d Discharged from hospital
20w3d Captopril 1 mg 4x/day
20w3d Lasix .5 mg 2x/day
20w4d Weight 10 lb 7 oz (Mama's birthweight)
21w1d Captopril 1 mg 2x/day
21w1d Lasix .5 mg 1x/day
21w2w 4th Synagis (RSV) Shot

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Four
January 27 - February 26, 2009

13w2d Slept "through the night"
13w4d Weight 8 lb 13 oz
13w4d Second Synagis (RSV) Shot
13w5d My first BlueState Dems Meeting
13w6d My first dog-walk
15w3d Heart hole not closing enough
15w4d Weight 9 lb 8 oz (2x birth wt!)
16w2d Finally got thumb in mouth
16w4d Open-heart surgery scheduled

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Three
December 27, 2008 - January 26, 2009

9weeks Occassional Smiles
9weeks A couple of "coos"
9w2d First New Year's Eve
9w3d First New Year's Day
9w5d Texas Baby Shower
10w2d Lasix 4mgx2/Captopril 1.8mgx3
10w3d Weight 7 lb 12 oz
12weeks More smiles and coos
12w3 Laughed out loud
12w4d Captopril 2 mg x 3/day
12w4d VSD a bit smaller!!!

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month Two
November 27 - December 26, 2008

4w3d My First Thanksgiving
5w3d Increase Captopril to 1 mg @ 3/day
5w3d Weight 6 lb 1.5 oz
5w4d Nursed all afternoon/evening
5w5d Nursed all day
6w0d No bottles today!
6w1d Weight 6 lb 3.5 oz
6w2d Rolled front to back!
6w3d Nursed in public for the first time
7w0d Weight 6 lb 10.5 oz
7w1d First motel stay
7w2d Increase Captopril to 1.5 mg @ 3/day
8w0d Weight 7 lb 1oz / Length 20" / Head 13 3/4"
8w0d 1st Vaccines
8w1d Hole in heart unchanged
8w2d Weight 7 lb 2oz
8w2d 1st Synagis (RSV) Shot
8w3d My First Christmas
8w4d First Airplane Ride

Peeper's Progress Archive: Month One
October 27 - November 26, 2008

0w0d 10/27/08 4:18 pm / 5 lb 4 oz? / 18 in
0w0d Apgar 1 min: 8 / 5 min: 9
0w0d Nursing a Bit
0w1d Newborn Screen / Hep B Vacccine
0w1d Supplement w/Some Formula
0w1d 4 lb 4 oz (Birthweight wrong?)
0w2d Nursing / Fingerfeed Breastmilk
0w2d Moved to Pediatric Ward
0w2d Blood Sugar Low (25/34) Glucose (69)
0w2d Weight 4 lb 3 oz (at Peds)
0w3d Jaundiced - Begin Phototherapy
0w3d Bottlefeed Breastmilk
0w3d Blood Sugars Low / Improving
0w3d Weight 4 lb 4 oz
0w4d Off Overhead Bililights
0w4d Blood Sugars Good / Stop Testing
0w4d Tyrosine High / Redo Newborn Screen
0w4d Heart Murmur Detected
0w4d Weight 4 lb 5 oz
0w5d Off All Bililights
0w5d Echocardiogram
0w5d Carseat Test - Passed
0w5d Weight 4 lb 6 oz
0w5d HOME!!!
1w0d Weight 4 lb 8 oz
1w0d Bilirubin Up a Bit
1w2d Ventricular Septal Defect Diagnosed
1w2d Bilirubin Down
1w2d Tyrosine Still Elevated
1w2d Weight 4 lb 11.5 oz
1w5d First train ride
1w4d Metabolic Specialist 99% Sure OK
2w0d Weight 4 lb 15.5 oz
2w2d Cardio: Weight Good; Breathing Fast
2w3d Begin Lasix 3 mg / day
2w3d Great job w/nursing today!
2w4d No indication of metabolic disorder
2w5d I have a belly button!
3w3d Increase Lasix to 3 mg / 2x day
3w3d Begin Captopril 0.5 mg / 3x day
3w6d Another great nursing day
4w1d Weight 5 lb 7 oz
4w1d A bit jaundiced?

How To Make a Baby Archive:
Third Trimester - Began August 26, 2008

27w0d Prebirth Order Granted
27w0d Glucose 147 at 26w4

28w1d Meet w/Diabetic Counselor
28w1d Weight 2 lb 3 oz / 32nd %ile
28w2d Midwife
30w6d Urine protein slightly elevated
31w1d Weight 3 lb 2 oz / 25th %ile
31w5d Lots of B-H contractions
31w6d NST - Some decelerations/No dilation
31w6d US - Moving alot, sucking, "breathing"
32w4d Childbirth Class
32w5d B-H contractions
32w6d NST - Some decelerations
33w0d Peeper has hair!
33w0d Breastfeeding Class
33w4d Very active all weekend
33w6d Weight 4 lb 4 oz / 20th %ile
33w0d "Meet and Greet" with Pediatrician
34w6d Peeper "looks phenomenal"
35w4d Baby Shower
35w4d Meet with Doula
35w6d PEEPER BORN!!! (10/27/08 4:18 pm / 5 lb 4 oz? / 18 inches)
3 days Whozat discharged, Peeper to Peds
5 days Peeper discharged - and HOME!

How to Make a Baby Archive:
Second Trimester - Began May 13, 2008

13w1d 1st Trimester Tests all OK
14w0d Belly Feeling Firmer?
14w5d Quickening!
14w5d Bought 1st maternity clothes
14w6d Heartrate 145 bpm
15w0d Peeing alot more often
15w4d Moved to bigger jeans
15w6d Quad Screen - AFP Elevated
17w1d Peeper Is a Girl!!!
17w1d Heartrate 150 bpm
17w1d Measuring 16w2d
17w1d US Inconclusive for NTD
17w1d Single Umbilical Artery
18w1d Measuring 17w2d
18w1d No sign of NTD!!!
19w1d Feeling "flutters" more often?
19w4d Shrike feels Peeper move!
19w6d Heartrate 159 bpm
21w1d Measuring 19w6d
21w1d Peeper "looks like $1,000,000!"
24w0d Midwife says "Peeper is very happy"
25w1d Heart perfect, 1 lb 6 oz, 26th %ile
25w4d Wearing maternity shorts 

26w4d Glucose Tolerance = 147

How to Make a Baby Archive:
First Trimester "Began" February 20, 2008

0dp5dt/2w5d - 2 Blastocysts Transferred
3dp5dt/3w1d - Breasts very tender
5dp5dt/3w3d - Sleepy
6dp5dt/3w4d - Very Faint + HPT
7dp5dt/3w5d - Faint + HPT
7dp5dt/3w5d - Positive Digital HPT
8dp5dt/3w6d - Beta HCG 93
10dp5dt/4w1d - Beta HCG 214 (2x=40hrs)
12dp5dt/4w3d - Beta HCG 590 (2x=33hrs)
15dp5dt/4w6d - Beta HCG 2800 (2x=32hrs)
6w1d - US: One heartbeat / Measuring 5w5d
7w3d - US: Good heartbeat / 9 mm / 7w0d
8w2d - US: Arms! Heartbeat looks great!
9w0d - Very, very, very light spotting
9w1d - Still spotting a tiny bit
9w2d - No more spotting
9w3d - US: Legs! / 183 bpm / 2.47 cm / 9w1d
11w2d - US: Kicking Legs! / 4.39 cm / 11w4d
12w1d - NT Scan - Looking good!
Second Trimester

How to Make a Baby Archive: IVF Cycle
Began February 8, 2008

Wcd4 - Whozat Lupron Eval - "all quiet"
Wcd4 - Shrike Blood Work (FDA Panel)
Wcd4,7,10,13 . . . - Del Estrogen
Wcd5 - Shrike begin Lupron, Baby Aspirin, Doxycycline
Wcd5 - Whozat Doxycycline
Wcd7 - Shrike last birth control pill
Wcd7 - Shrike begin Lupron
Wcd10Scd1 - Shrike Day One
Scd2 - 41 Antral Follicles (R25/L16)
Scd2 - Lupron Eval - all good
Scd3 - Begin Gonal F / Menopur
Scd6sd4 - 31 Follicles (R18/L13) / E2 = 47.3
Wcd16 - Breasts tender
Wcd18 - Endo 13 mm / E2=468 / P4 < e2 =" 123" e2 =" 681" e2="957" e2="1351">18mm/E2=1687
Scd15sd13 - 24Follicles5>18mm/E2=1856
Wcd25 - Begin Daily Progesterone in Oil Shots
Scd17sd15ER - 15 Eggs Retrieved
1dpER - 13 Mature Eggs / 7 Fertilized
3dpER - 7 Embryos Biopsied for PDG
2dpER - 7 Embryos Dividing
3dpER - PGD1: 6 normal so far / 1 Trisomy 13
4dpER - PGD2: 3 normal so far, 3 Pending
4dpER - 1 Morula+ / 3 Morula / 1 Morula- / 1 Slow
5dpER - Final PGD - 5 Normal, 2 Abnormal
0dp5dt - 2 Blastocysts Transferred
3dp5dt - Cryo Report - No embryos frozen
3dp5dt/3w0d - Breasts very tender
5dp5dt/3w1d - Sleepy
6dp5dt3w3d - Very Faint + HPT
7dp5dt/3w4d - Faint + HPT
7dp5dt/3w4d - Positive Digital HPT
8dp5dt/3w5d - Beta HCG 93
10dp5dt/4w0d - Beta HCG 214
12dp5dt/4w2d - Beta HCG 590
15dp5dt/4w5d - Beta HCG 2800
First Trimester

How To Make a Baby Archive
Sync Cycle - Began January 14, 2008

Wcd1 - Whozat Day One
Wcd4 - Shrike Crazy Test (MMPI)
Wcd5 - Whozat begin birth control pills
Wcd6 - Pay attorney retainer
Wcd6 - Home equity line of credit first signing
Wcd11/Scd1 - Shrike Day One
Wcd11/Scd1 - Shrike/Whozat psych consult
Wcd12/Scd2 - Home equity line of credit second signing
Wcd14/Scd4 - Shrike begin birth control pills
Wcd14/Scd4 - Review draft donor egg agreement
Wcd19/Scd9 - Order Sperm - Popeye!
Wcd19/Scd9 - Finalize donor egg agreement
Wcd23/Scd13 -Whozat begin Lupron, baby aspirin
Wcd25/Scd15 -Whozat last birth control pill
Wcd29/Scd19 -Whozat Day One - Begin IVF Cycle

How to Make a Baby Archive:
Mock EEP Cycle - Began December 15, 2007

cd1 - Begin Mock EEP Cycle
cd2 - First Estrogen Ass-Shot
cd5, 8, 11 - Del Estrogen Injections
cd12 - Lining Check / Bloodwork
cd14, 17, 20, 23 - Del Estrogen Injections
cd15-23 - Daily Progesterone Injections
cd16-? - My Butt Hurts!
cd 22 - Receive big-ass check from my parent
cd24 - Endometrial Biopsy
cd24 - Consult w/Dr E
cd24 - Shrike Pap/Blood/Urine
cd24 - Pay IVF Fee
cd 26 - Consult with Attorney
cd26 - Spotting
cd27 - Spotting
cd29 - Begin Sync Cycle

How to Make a Baby Archive:
IUI Cycle #5 - Began November 8, 2007

cd1 - Begin IUI Cycle #5
cd2 11 Antral Follices (6R / 5L)
cd3 - 7 Clomid 100 mg
cd 5, 7, 9 FSH 150 IU
cd9-10 Mild ovarian pain (right side)
cd11 Uterine Lining 10.6 mm
cd11 3 Follicles > 15mm (1R/2L)
cd11 FSH 150 IU
cd13 Uterine Lining 10.7mm
cd13 4 Follicles > 18 mm (1R/3L)
cd 13 HCG Triggering Shot
cd14 IUI #1 (Sperm = 10 million)
cd15 IUI #2 (Sperm = 12 million)
cd16 Begin Prometrium 2x daily
cd21 / 6/7dpIUI Very mild nausea
cd22 / 7/8dpIUI HPT Neg (trigger gone)
cd23 / 8/9dpIUI Breasts tender
cd24 / 9/10dpIUI HPT Neg (too early)
cd25 / 10/11dpIUI HPT Neg (still early)
cd26 / 11/12dpIUI HPT Neg (still early)
cd27 / 12/13dpIUI HPT Negative
cd28 / 13/14dpIUI HPT Negative
cd29 / 14/15dpIUI HPT Negative
cd30 / 15/16dpIUI Beta HCG Negative
Begin Mock EEP Cycle

How to Make a Baby Archive
IUI Cycle #4 - Began October 9, 2007

cd3 24 Antral follicles (R 14 / L 10)
cd3-7 Clomid 50 mg
cd3-7 Mild headaches
cd7 Mild ovarian twinges
cd7 & 9 FSH 150 iu
cd11 Ovidrel Shot
cd11 3 Follicles - 20 mm, 18 mm, 15 mm
cd12 IUI (sperm = 8 million)
cd13 IUI (sperm = 12 million)
cd17/5-6dpIUI Mild left side pain
cd18/6-7dpIUI Mild left side pain
cd20/8-9dpIUI HPT Negative (trigger gone)
cd20/8-9dpIUI Mild right side pain
cd24/11-12dpIUI HPT Negative
cd25/12-13dpIUI HPT Negative
cd26/13-14dpIUI HPT Negative
cd27/14-15dpIUI HPT Negative
cd28/15-16dpIUI Beta HCG Negative
Begin IUI Cycle #5

How to Make a Baby Archive
IUI Cycle #3 - Began September 7, 2007

cd3 - Day 3 Ultrasound - 6 Antral Follicles (3 R / 3 L)
cd3 - Clomid 50 mg
cd4 - Clomid 50 mg
cd5 - Clomid 50 mg
cd6 - Clomid 50 mg
cd7 - Clomid 50 mg
cd7 - No Clomid side effects yet
cd7 - FSH Injection 150 iu
cd9 - FSH Injection 150 iu
cd11 - Uterine Lining 10.7 mm
cd11 - 2 Follicles - L: 17.1 mm / R: 15.1 mm
cd11- FSH Injection 150 iu
cd12 - Ovidrel (HCG triggering shot)
cd13 - Still no side effects
cd14/o-day - IUI (sperm = 18 million)
cd14/o-day - Mild left side pain
cd15/1dpo - Start Prometrium
cd15/1dpo - Brief right side pain
cd16/2dpo - HPT false positive (trigger)
cd17/3dpo - HPT false positive (trigger)
cd18/4dpo - HPT false positive (trigger)
cd19/5dpo - HPT false positive (trigger)
cd20/6dpo - HPT negative (trigger gone)
cd23/9dpo - HPT negative
cd23/9dpo - Intermittant mild cramps
cd25/11dpo - HPT negative
cd26/12dpo - HPT negative
cd27/13dpo - HPT negative
cd28/14dpo - HPT negative
cd29/15dpo - HPT negative
cd29/15dpo - Beta HCG negative
cd29/15dpo - Stop Prometrium
Begin IUI Cycle #4

How to Make a Baby Archive
IUI Cycle #2 - Began August 9, 2007

cd2 - Day "3" Ultrasound - 10 Antral Follicles (4 R / 6 L)
cd12 - Day 12 Ultrasound - 1 Follicle (L - 19 mm)
cd12 - Uterine Lining 15 mm
cd12 - LH Surge (35)
cd12 - Ovidrel Shot
cd13/o-day - IUI (sperm = 10 million)
cd13/o-day - Mild cramping
cd14 / 1dpo - Start Prometrium
cd14/1dpo - Mild uterine twinges
cd14/1dpo - HPT false postive (trigger)
cd15/2dpo - HPT false postive (trigger)
cd16/3dpo - Sleepy
cd17/4dpo - HPT false postive (trigger)
cd18/5dpo - Grumpy / Sensitive
cd19/6dpo - HPT false positive (trigger)
cd20/7dpo - Breasts tender
cd20/7dpo - HPT negative (trigger gone)
cd20/7dpo - Mild cramping
cd21/8dpo - HPT negative
cd22/9dpo - HPT negative
cd23/10dpo - HPT negative
cd24/11dpo - HPT negative
cd24/11dpo - Breasts more tender
cd25/12dpo - HPT negative
cd26/13dpo - HPT negative
cd27/14dpo - HPT negative
cd28/15dpo - HPT negative
cd28/15dpo - Beta HCG negative
cd28/15dpo - Stop Prometrium
cd30/17dpo - Start Cycle #3

How to Make a Baby Archive
IUI Cycle #1 - Began July 4, 2007

cd1 - Begin Cycle #1
cd2 - "Day 3" Ultrasound / Labs - 15 Antral Follicles (6 R / 9 L)
cd12 - Day 12 Ultrasound - 1 Follicle (L - 15.5 mm)
cd13 - Insurance Pre-Approval (finally!)
cd14 - Day 14 Ultrasound / Labs - 1 Follicle (L - 18.4 mm)
cd14 - LH Surge
cd14 - HCG Triggering Shot
cd15 - Left side twinges
cd16/O-day - IUI (sperm = 16 million)
cd16/O-day - Mild left side cramping
cd16/O-day - Moderate uterine cramping
cd17/1dpo - Begin Progesterone
cd18/2dpo - Sleepier than normal?
cd19/3dpo - Sleepy and grumpy
cd22/6dpo - Sensitive to smells?
cd22/6dpo - Still grumpy
cd26/10dpo - Slept all freaking day
cd29/13dpo - Very mild cramping
cd30/14dpo - Cramping
cd30/14dpo - Negative HPT
cd31/15dpo - Beta HCG = 14.5 (Very low positive)
cd32/16dpo - Very mild cramping
cd33/17dpo - Very mild cramping
cd34/18dpo - Beta HCG Negative
cd34/18dpo - Stop Taking Progesterone
cd35/19dpo - Spotting
cd36/20dpo - Heavier spotting
cd37/21dpo/cd1 - Start Cycle #2

How To Make a Baby Archive
RE Testing & More - June, 2007

√ RE Initial Consultation
√ Start Prenatal Vitamins
√ Request Nephrologist Consent
√ Reorder Sperm for 1st IUI
√ Shrike Tested for STDs (WTF?)
√ Take Antibiotics
√ RE Consent Forms
√ Psych Consult w/Dr. T
√ Start Cycle #1

How to Make a Baby Archive: The Trying Times

Preliminary Testing
Cycle #0
RE Testing & More
IUI Cycle #1 - Began July 4, 2007
IUI Cycle #2 - Began August 9, 2007
IUI Cycle #3 - Began September 7, 2007
IUI Cycle #4 - Began October 9, 2007
IUI Cycle #5 - Began November 8, 2007
Mock EEP Cycle - Began December 15, 2007
Sync Cycle - Began January 12, 2008
IVF Cycle - Began February 8, 2008
First Trimester - "Began" February 20, 2008

How To Make a Baby Archive
Cycle #0 - Began June 1, 2007

√ Begin Cycle #0
√ Order Sperm for 1st IUI
√ Pee on OPK Sticks
√ No LH Surge - WTF?
√ Send Sperm Back to Freezer
√ RE Testing & More

How To Make A Baby Archive
Preliminary Testing March - June, 2007

√ Begin Taking Folic Acid
√ Initial OB/Gyn Consult
√ Sperm Bank: Terms of Service
√ Order Donor Profiles
√ Narrow Donors to 4 Finalists
√ Get Job
√ Get Health Insurance
√ Labs - Collect 24 hr Urine
√ Labs - Blood Drawn
√ Sperm Bank Consent Forms
√ Order Donor Photos (Finalists)
√ Pick Up Lab Results
√ Dietician Consult
√ WLS Follow-Up
√ Nephrologist Follow-Up
√ Receive Donor Photos
√ Hysterosalpingogram
√ Turn 39 (Oh SHIT!)
√ OB/Gyn: Pelvic / Results
√ Tell Bosses About Plans
Start Cycle #0

Communications 101 Archive
The Unabridged Peeptionary

Peeper Can Say...

By 10 months: Mama/Mommy (mama / mumum)

By 13 months: Yum Yum? (mumumum)

By 16 months: Baby (baah-buh), Doggy (duhgeeduhgee), (Monkey says) Oo-oo, (Doggy says) ah-ah, Eye (aahh - while pointing at eyes), Night-Night (ni-ni), (Kitty says) Meow (ee-yahw), Apple (hhhaa-puh)

By 17 months: Hot (hh-hh), Here (heh), (Elephant says) Ahhhh, (Lion/Tiger says) Roar (ruuh), Up (uppa!), Toes (tissss)

By 18 months: (Sheep says) Baa, Papa (Shrike's dad - papa), Bird? (bah), Water? (wadoo), Panda? (paah-puh), Eena (Shrike's mom - iiii), Grandma (Anonymama - mamaw), Grandpa (Anonydaddy - gapop), (Or, "Grandma and Grandpa" is "mamawmapop"), There she is (dershis - in response to "Where's Mama?"), Kitty (key or yetty), Cat (kaht), (Bear says) Grrr (ghhh), Yuk (yechyech), Knock-knock (na na), Goody?

By 19 months: (Duck says) Quack Quack (wac wac), (Seal says) Ark Ark (ar ar), (Pirate says) Arrrr (ar - much like the seal), (Cow says) Moo? (ok, what she really says is "caaaahhow"), Ball?, Hi, Ice Cream (hhh-khkh - very gutteral, not spellable)

By 20 months: Target (Tsch - yes, the store), Dog (da), Panda (daaah-duh), Tickle (tika-tika-tika), Grandma-Grandpa/Pappy (pahpuhpahpuh - anyone with gray hair!), Mommy (mee-mee - Shrike), (Wolf says) Howl (Ah-oo, ah-oo), (Owl says) (well, also ah-oo, because there's a book with the wolf and owl back-to-back, and she's confused), Dead (did)

By 21 months: Ice (eye-ta), Elmo (eh-mo - Refers to all Sesame Street characters, or anything red or with big bulging eyes), Popcorn (Bop!), Ow (ah-oo), (Santa says) Ho, ho, ho, (oh oh oh), Egg (heh-guh), Schnauzer (shna-za), Tent (tituh), Kite (khka)

By 22 months: Bye-Bye (dah-dah), Two (tah), (Frappa's real name - she goes nuts when she sees her profile pic on Facebook!), (Pig says) Grunt (it's an actual grunt), Duck (daahk), Toesies (or Tootsies? Something to do with her feet) (Tuh-tah), Blood (bleeh!), Yellow (yehyoh), Pump (pup)

By 23 months: Shrike's niece's first name, Lobster (lala), Cake (keh-kah), Ernie (uh-neh), Onion (nn-yuh), Football (foo-buh), Moon (muh-muh), Peanutbutter (puhbuh), Bo-Bo Bear (bo-bo). Ladybug (lala), (Bell)Pepper (pehpuh), Blue (bwoo - points to blue things and says it), Six (siss - seems to know that it comes after five), Bravo (bahbo), Pumpkin (puhpah), Hop (hop!), Bee (deeee), Helicopter (hoppuh), Purple (puhpuh), Burt (Dit), Boom (boo!), Humpty Dumpty (dit-tee dit-tee), Green (geee), Pink (pik), Hexagon (hepuh), Thank you (fayfew), Beep (beep), Boop (boop - touch nose, then say Frappa! because she taught it to her), Dirt (dit), Bubbles (buhbuh), Thumper (fthuphuh - the bunny in Bambi), Perfect Pup's name, Her Own First Name - when asked "What's your name?" BigGaloot's name, Boat (bit), Hat (haht), (Rooster says) cockadoodledoo (eh eh eeh-ehh), Help (hep - when she needs help, or hears a siren), Stop (sop - "reads" it printed on the parking lot), (Witch says) Cackle (laughs), (Ghost says) Wooo (ooo), Step (swep), Texas (teh-tuh), Happy Birthday (hahduh), Dip (bip), Towel (tohw), Eight (ah), Nine (nin), Ten (teh), Silly (sih-ee), Seriously (sis-see)

By 24 months: Happy (hoppy), Poop (poop), Bottle (bohbul), Orange (oh), Cracker (pah-puh), Paper (pehpuh), Coffee, Empty (ippy), Pillow, Halloween (hahdee), The Anonygrandparents' cats names, Night-night (nah nah), Water (wawa), Hole (hoew), Dark (dit), No (naah), Elbow (behbow), Pee-pee (peepee) Oscar the Grouch (dot-duhm with "stinky" sign), Abby Cadabby (Babby), Bowl (bow), Wet (fwet), DaNiece and Daphew's names, Cup (bup), Hat (hap), Uh-oh (uh-uh), Sleepy (sweepeh), Lid (lih), (Turkey says) Gobble gobble (bob-bob-bobuh), (Skeleton says) Rattle rattle (rauhrauh), (Zombie says) Braaaaiiins (bwaaay), Potty (pobby), ABC (ay ee ee), Man (myan myan), Lady (lala), Ball (bahw), Tail (tuhl), Sunshine (shuweh), Sit (shit - but I swear she means "sit!"), Pump (pup pup), Rock (wock), Brown (bow), White (woaw), Watermelon (wauhmeyom), Eat (ate), See Ya (seesah), Sweep (fweep), Yippee (hyiPEE), Boppy (bop), Drop (bop), Buddy (bobby), Hello? (Hi ya - or maybe she means "Hi Ya!"), Sock (fwok), More (moaw), Please (peez), Slide (lide), Again, Hair (hayow), Slide (swy), Again, Fur (fuew), Love o'Pete (Pete!), Crap (Bap!), Mailman (myauw myauw), Snowman (myauw myauw), Merrily Merrily... (mehwly mehwly), Eena (eena - Shrike's mom), Cow (caaooow), (Cow says) Moo (mooo), Santa Clauas (hum-humma), (Santa says) Ho Ho Ho (huh huh huh), Trick or Treat (titah), Lips (lihps), Arm (ahum), Leg (leh), Back (bap), Booty (di-dee), Ear (eah), Eye (eye), Nose (mow), Octopus (oppuh), Hanger (huhmuh)

Peeper Can Sign...

By 10 months: More

By 11 months: All done, Doggy

By 12 months: Goody (milk)

By 13 months: Hello/ByeBye (wave), Fan, Hooray (clap), Flower, Gentle, Points

By 14 months: Help, Stinky, Bird, Cold, Duck, Bubbles, Hat, Hair, Mouth, Bunny, "Here's Peeper!" (hands up)

By 15 months: Snow, Frog, Baby, "I Don't Know" / "Where Is It?" (big shrug), Car, Ball, Blow Kisses, No, Swing, Book, Bath, Nose, Tummy, Eye, Brush Teeth

By 16 months: Cup, Brush hair, Shoes, Tiger, Elephant, Train, Apple (complete with chomping sound!), Phone, Sleepy, Cookie (Animal cracker)

By 17 months: Pee-pee, (Graham) Cracker, Ear, Feet, Toes, Bear, Knock-Knock (on her head!), Alligator, Horse

By 18 months: Chicken, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Cheerios, Raisin, Cheese, Donkey, Booty, Diaper, Legs, Please, Thank you, Hurt

By 19 months: Cry, Play, Outside, Hush, Splash (signs it like "wash" but definitely means "splash"), Banana, Yuck, Peanut(butter), Donkey, Whale, Butterfly

By 20 months: Butterfly / other flying insect, Binky (BabyJ's), Shoulder, Heart, Scar, Knee, Elbow, Tail (dogs/cats), Fly (bug), Firefly, Turtle, (Sun)Glasses, Yes

By 21 months: (I) Love (you), Hippo / Tooth Check Time!, Ladybug, Penguin, One, Two, Five

By 22 months: Giraffe, Fall Down / Upside Down, Octopus, Parachute (shoes), Stretch, Pumpkin (cookie)

By 23 months: Seymour ("more"), Triangle, Big Bird ("bird"), Cookie Monster ("cookie"), Face / Makeup (same sign), Ankle, Jacket

By 24 months: Kermit the Frog ("frog")