Saturday, April 15, 2000

Before the Blog: Happy Easter

Whozat's learned even more about web design in the past few months on the job, and has decided that her plans for the new version of this website sucked, so she started over. This time she's doing a total redesign of the appearance and the content.

Of course, this update is only being "posted" on the new site that's still "in production," so there's no telling when anyone will actually get to see it!

Speaking of Whozat's job, it's going well and she's really enjoying it - something she's not used to.

We dyed Easter eggs with Shrike's family this evening, and we'll be hunting them tomorrow. Whozat hears that there will be prizes and chocolate involved, so she's looking forward to that.

We're going to The Millennium March on Washington, including the Equality Rocks concert in a couple of weeks, and we can't wait!

We're going to spend the week of Memorial Day in Texas, visiting Whozat's family and friends. We had hoped to go in mid-May for Whozat's birthday, but Shrike couldn't get off work that week. This works out better, anyway, though, since the holiday means we can take a whole week off work and get another weekend for the trip. Whozat's looking forward to that; she hasn't been home since Christmas.

There's probably a lot more to tell, but it's about 2 am, and Whozat isn't very coherent, sorry!