Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Wedding Journal: All Set!

As of last Thursday, it's official - we've scheduled the minister, reserved the church, booked the honeymoon and bought the plane tickets! The wedding will be on Saturday, February 10, 2001.

A couple of weeks ago, Whozat stumbled upon some half-priced flights from BigCityTwoHoursAway to New Orleans, let her imagination run wild, and the next thing we knew, we had a wedding planned!

The tickets are only good through February 15, so that made choosing the date easy. They had to be bought be last Friday, so that got us on the ball. We ran the date by our parents and got their okay, called the minister we'd been referred to and found out she was available, and decided to go for it. We didn't even get confirmation that the church was available till after we'd bought the tickets!

So, here's the plan:
On Thursday, February 8, we'll fly from BigCityTwoHoursAway (about 2 hours from us) to New Orleans (about 6 hours from Whozat's hometown, where the wedding will be.) We missed our chance to get a good flight, so we won't leave until late afternoon, and won't get into New Orleans until a little before six, so we'll be really late getting to Whozat's parents' house.

Meanwhile, Shrike's family will probably fly down that day, into Houston (about 2 hours from Whozat's hometown) and will probably actually get into town before us.

Friday will probably be spent running around and getting things ready, and we'll probably do the whole rehearsal/dinner thing that evening.

The wedding will be Saturday evening, and we'll probably go out dancing at the local gay bar after the reception, with anyone from the wedding who'd like to join us.

Sunday, we'll probably do brunch with our families or something, and Shrike's family will head back to Houston to fly home. We'll drive back to New Orleans and spend two nights there, at this great little bed and breakfast that we've stayed at before. On Tuesday, we'll fly back to BigCityTwoHoursAway, drive home from there and try to be ready to go to work the next morning!

We've also lined up a friend of Whozat's to take the pictures, and another friend, who does beautiful calligraphy, to make our Certificate of Commitment. Now, if we can just find someone who wants to do the flowers...