Thursday, August 5, 1999

Before the Blog: Birthday Boy

Whozat's job search continues, but she's started doing some online training in HTML and other web design stuff through Ziff-Davis University. We're hoping that she'll soon know enough - and be able to prove it - to get a job!

We went to the BlueState Pridefest and Lilith Fair this weekend and boy, was it hot!!!

The big excitement of this week is Shrike's nephew's birthday party, which is coming up on Saturday. He turned 2 on Sunday, August 1.

We're watching him all afternoon, so his mom (Shrike's sister) can get things ready for the party - we may need a nap by party time! We're looking forward to it, though.

He's a cutie and he's really starting to warm up to his Aunt Whozat, which she is thrilled about! Not too much other excitement happening here, sorry folks. :-)