Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Does Not Bode Well

I evidently found this very amusing at the time.

Daily Peep: Flower Power

And here are the rest of her teeth, that you didn't see yesterday.

I call this look "The Trump."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Daily Peep: Showing Off . . .

. . . her teeth

. . . her cute

Update on My Sister-In-Law

Just got off the phone with Anonymama.

SIL is back in the hospital. They thought for a while that they were going to have to deliver the twins today, but her labs were not so bad and they got her blood pressure down, and the babies themselves are still looking great.

It could be tomorrow, but the doc will try to hold off as long as possible, without endangering SIL or the babies, of course.

The hospital's policy is that babies less than 35 weeks or less than 5 pounds go to the NICU (she'll be 35 weeks on Friday, and they are likely each over 5 pounds now), and evidently they often take c-section babies to NICU for at least a while to observe until they get their lungs cleared out and stuff, so it does sound like they'll be doing at least a little bit of time there, unfortunately.

Please keep sending go-down-blood-pressure-and-stay-in-babies mojo, please!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SIL & Twins

From Anonymama this evening:

Talked to BabyBro early afternoon. SIL was sent home to be on strict bed rest. She returns to the hospital for testing Wednesday. Her labs looked ok and her pressure was down very slightly, but she is still in "mild" preeclampsia. They still hope to put the babies off for about two weeks, but time will tell. Everybody keep praying for SIL, BabyBro and both babies.

Daily Peep: Panda Pics - 11 Months (47 weeks, 6 days)

Giving Mr. Panda a kiss

And getting a kiss back!

In that first photo, she's sitting on his tummy again, like last month. I'd hoped to get one of her standing unsupported, but she balanced for a second, and then:

Maybe next month.

Eleven Months

Dear Peeper:

You are eleven months old today, and that is compeletely freaking me out because, next month?
Oh my God, how did you get to be almost a year old?!?

You are seeming like such a big girl these days, especially now that you've started signing a bit. It's just amazing being able to communicate with you, even in such a rudimentary way.

Well, I suppose we've actually been communicating since the day you were born, but it's getting to be so much more effective, now that you can (usually) tell me whether you want more food or want to get out of your highchair, for example, instead of me guessing what you're complaining about!

You now sign "more" and "all done" pretty consistently, but "more" still often means "read my mind and do whatever it is that I want right now," and you still often use it when you mean "all done."

You sign "milk" occassionally, but not very consistently.

Now that I think about it, though, I don't know why you'd be particularly motivated to use that sign, because of all the things you might want to communicate, "I'd like some goody now, please, Mama," is the one that you get across most effectively, and have done so for months!

Throwing your body sideways into my lap and chewing through my shirt seems to get the idea across just fine, so why would you suddenly change and start using a sign?

You also sign "doggy" on command, but I'm not sure whether you're signing it spontaneously, in context or not. It's a tough one to tell, because the sign is to pat your leg, like you're calling a dog, and that's a pretty natural gesture for you anyway.

A couple of times, it's looked like you might be almost trying to wave "bye-bye" but that's still very random.

You might be trying to clap, but it's hard to tell whether you're clapping, or signing "more" or just banging the objects in your hands together, because that's what you do now, if you're holding something in each hand.

Your "verbal" language is really coming along, too. You're making many more sounds, and are doing repetitive sounds a lot now (babababa, dadadada, mamamam).

At times, it sounds suspiciously like you are trying to say "Mama/Mommy" (usually "mumumum" but sometimes very clear "mama"), "goody" ("guhduh" or "geegee") and "doggy" (something with "d" and maybe "g" sounds) - but on the other hand, you also "say" those things completely out of context, too, so maybe I'm just imagining things.

Speaking of the doggies (as I sort of was), you looooove your doggies, especially BigGaloot, who loves you back. If I'm holding you when I let them in the house, you get all excited, and "jump" your legs up and down in my arms - much like you do when Mommy comes home from work. You still think Galoot's wagging tail is one of the funniest things ever.

I can tell that you want so badly to be able to chase him, and it won't be too very long before you can.

You can go go go while holding our hands, and within the past couple of days, you've started getting pretty good at walking while only holding one hand.

You are quite happy standing while holding onto furniture, and you occassionally forget yourself and let go with both hands, and a couple of times, you've even taken a step or two toward one of us, so I know you're starting to get the idea.

You don't seem to be in any big hurry though, and to be honest, for a while there I was a little concerned about the fact that you've been "stuck" at the walking-holding-hands stage for so long (you started doing it about ten weeks ago, and have been good at it for a couple of months) and haven't started really cruising yet, and you don't pull yourself up at all.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was reading The Baby Book, by Dr. Sears, in which he described the typical progression of gross motor skills: sitting up, crawling, pulling up, cruising, walking holding hands, standing unsupported, taking steps, walking.

Oh. Hmmm. I guess it's not so much that you haven't reached those stages as it is that you've skipped them, right along with the crawling.

I guess that's why people seem so impressed when you do it. Evidently it's a more advanced skill that I'd realized.

You've always been about the "standing" even when you were just starting to be able to support your weight on your legs, so about the time you started sitting up well, we started helping you to stand and walk while holding our hands, and you discovered that you were able to get where you wanted to go quite quickly.

You don't have to get on your belly (which you hate with a white-hot passion) to do it, and you're not limited to places where there's something to hold on to, so why would you chose to crawl or cruise instead, if someone's available to help you walk?

I have noticed that if I "park" you standing up, holding onto something, and just watch out of the corner of my eye while I do something else, you often "cruise" a step or two, especially if there's something worth moving to get to. Sometimes I'll set you up, by parking you a couple of steps from a toy, then "ignoring" you.

But, if you know one of us is available, you're more likely to ask for our help in getting where you want to go, than to work your way over to it yourself.

Even with your new pushtoys (your convertible car that I just discovered, and also your animal safari truck has a handle you can push) you tend to push them across the room once or twice - with a huge grin on your face, I should add - and then grab our legs, asking to be picked up.

I think that, as exciting as they are, and as well as you're doing with them, physically, you're still not real confident with the whole idea, and need to come back for some snuggles and reassurance after a little independent jaunt across the room.

I don't suppose any of that should surprise me one bit, as it fits with how we do everything around here. You are a lot more used to depending on me and Mommy for things than on inanimate objects, and I think that's a good thing.

I know that when you are ready - physically and emotionally - to let go and walk on your own, you will, and when it happens, we will be both thrilled and terrified.

Your fine motor skills are continuing to develop, too. You seem to have the pincer grasp down, and can pick up not only Cheerios and raisins easily (although there is still often a juggle-scoop move to get them in your mouth) but also any and every "bob" of fur or paper or whatever that you find on the floor. Those also go right into your mouth.

I've been noticing, just in the past couple of days, that you seem to be turning the pages of Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings much more carefully and coordinatedly. Several weeks ago, I had to do some major taping of pages, because you'd found all the weak spots in the die-cut pages, and they were starting to tear as you turned them.

I can't quite say what you're doing differently, but now, you seem to be doing it in a way that's not quite so stressful for them, somehow.

Which is good, because it's one of your favorites, and I'd hate for you to tear it up.

Actually, you love all your books. When faced with a room full of both books and toys (or, in the case of our house, several rooms full of both books and toys), you more often go for the books.

You prefer the Readers' Digest versions of them, though. You like sit in our laps, on the floor, surrounded by piles of books. You will lean waaaay over, or we'll help you stand up, so that you can reach them, and you'll grab a book and plop back down in the lap.

As we try to read, you turn the pages really fast, sometimes stopping to feel the textures in the books that have them (you have several of those), or look at the pictures, but often barely even glancing at the pages as they go by.

We've pretty much given up on actually reading all the words to you, and usually just comment on the pictures, or summarize each page. I don't think you're in it for the story at this point.

When you get to the end of the book, you push it away, and grab another one. (There's usually some whining or at least "uh uh uh" involved.)

Then we "read" that book the same way. Then on to the next, and the next, and the next.

Sometimes, you go back and forth between the same three or four books, other times, you work your way through a whole pile of them.

You've definitely "learned" several of your books, because you go right to the textures, or flaps, or whatever it is that they have on each page. There are some books that you never read all the way through, always stopping and tossing them aside at the same point. I wish you could tell me why.

Just in the past couple of days, you've started pointing out (well, hitting actually) a few things in some books when asked.

You can almost always find the doggies, and you can sort of show me the bunny and monkey in one book, and babies in some other books.

But, if you don't know the answer to the question I've asked, you just change the subject. When I ask "Where's the . . . " you either pat it, or you shove the book aside and look for another one!

I'm not quite sure how to handle that, because I want you to know that it's okay to say, "I don't know," and ask for help finding the answers.

I know you're just a baby, but it's obvious that you understand tons of stuff that we're saying, so I think it's important that we model these things for you now, and help you to learn them from the beginning, rather than trying to change the way you deal with things later on.

As young as you are, you are already an expert at playing the "Mama said I could" / "But Mommy let's me," game with us. There are things that each of us has let you do or play with that the other doesn't like, either because we (I) think it's dangerous or likely to break something, or because we (I) don't want you to try to do it on your own later, or because we (I) just don't like doing it.

We only have to let you do something once for you to remember it forever.

For example, several weeks ago, I was helping you walk in the sunroom, and you went up to one of the big bowls of dogfood. You reached for it until I told you that it's "Not for Peeper, it's for doggies."

Then you very deliberately put your foot in the bowl. I thought it was kind of cool, watching you explore it with your foot, so I let you do it.

A few days later, I remembered and told Mommy about it. She said, "I know. I figured you must have let her do that, because now she tries everytime we go out there."


Speaking of Mommy, you're outside with her right now. I saw you swinging for quite a while, now you're walking around in the freshly mown grass. (Thanks for mowing, Mommy!)

You get so excited when she comes home from work, and (except for goody and naptime) you usually hang out with her most of the time that she's home.

(Thanks again, Mommy!)

A couple of weeks ago, Mommy suggested that we try something new at night, and we've instituted Family Bedtime.

Before that, what usually ended up happening is that Mommy would go on to bed while I stayed up and nursed you to sleep (maybe after playing for a while, if you weren't in a go-to-sleep mood yet), then I'd usually get involved in something on the computer for a while, and it would be another hour or so before I moved you to the bed and went to sleep myself.

Now, our "evening" (actually, it's the wee hours of the morning, thanks to Mommy's work schedule) routine is something like this:

Ideally, you are up from your last nap (usually your third, but sometimes you take a later, longer first nap, and only have two) before 11:00, but sometimes you go down late, and I let you sleep for a while. I really, really should have you up absolutely no later than 11:30, but sometimes I let you go as late as midnight. I usually regret that.

So, let's say that you've woken up from your nap at a respectible time.

Then, I generally suggest that you nurse around 12:30 or so, so you'll be "all goodied up" when Mommy gets in, but that doesn't always happen.

Mommy comes home between 12:45 and 1 am, and after she's greeted the dogs, and jammied up, you play with her while I have a snack and take a hot bath, all by myself.

Then, I run out most of my hot water, and add a little cold, and get the tub ready for you to join me.

Mommy brings you in to me, and I get you bathed while she checks her email and such.

First, I wash your hair, and your back, then I lay you in my lap and soap up the rest of you. I rinse you off (you like that, except for rinsing your hair) then sit you back up in the water to play.

While you're playing, you take your iron supplement. A few weeks ago, Mommy came up with the idea of giving it to you in the tub, so we wouldn't have to worry about the mess when you spit it back out. (It's a dark brown, and stain clothes.)

The first few time, it was a fight, but then you suddenly started taking it willingly. Now, you just open your mouth, I squirt it in, and you swallow. A little bit always dribbles back out, but not much. Sometimes you want a little sip of goody to kill the nasty taste, but not always. I usually hand you one of the washcloths that's floating around in the tub, which you chew on for a while, wiping the vitamins off your mouth and chin.

When we're done in the tub, I hand you out to Mommy, and she gets your diaper on while I put on my jammies.

Then we brush your teeth, which is a team effort. Either Mommy or I uses the finger brush, and you use the real toothbrush and we take turns. We try our best to get your six actual teeth brushed, while you prefer to chew on the bristles with your gums. I'll bet that feels really good on them!

After your teeth are brushed, it's jammy time. Usually, Mommy gets the dogs, cats and house ready for bed, while I get your jammies on, which often involves some goody and acrobatics.

Finally, it's bedtime!

Mommy reads you books, while you go back and forth between lying between us nursing and sitting up watching the books. Right now, the bedtime books are: The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss; Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You, also Dr. Seuss; and The Going To Bed Book by Sandra Boynton.
(And, every night, Mommy and I wonder why the animals all get bathed and jammified, and then go up to exercise before going to bed. That makes no sense.)

Sometime, she also reads you a longer Dr. Seuss story from the big anthology that Anonygrandma and Anonygrandpa gave you for Christmas.

From that, I like The Dr. Seuss Sleep Book, because Anonymama used to read it to me and Uncle BabyBro when we were wee tots, and even back then, I thought it must have some magical sleepy-making powers.

After the animals on the boat rock, and rock, and rock to sleep, we're finished reading, and it's time to settle down for goody. Mommy turns out the light, and usually does Are You My Mother, then we sing for a while. Sometimes for a long while.

We always start with The Wheels on the Bus, because you really seem to like it. We are getting rather sick of it, but we keep it fresh by adding more and more verses each night, which often tend to get less and less baby-appropriate.

In addition to bus parts (wheels, windows, wipers, brakes, etc.), and riders (babies, mamas, mommies), and their belongings ("the iPods on the bus go lalala," and "the cellphones on the bus go ringringring"), your bus also has lots of animals on it, all making their own sounds.

It's quite a bus, and it's no wonder than one night you heard, "The people on the bus say 'What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?' The people on the bus say, "What the fuck is up with all these animals?"

I think you were asleep by the time we got to that verse. I hope.

After the bus rolls on down the road, we usually sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep and the ABC Song. We treat them as three verses of the same song because they all have the same tune.

Do you know I was an adult before I realized that? See, you're already smarter than me!

By that point, Mommy is fading, so I take over with some camp songs, starting with our traditional good-night trilogy of Green Trees, Taps and Run Along Home, with a few modified lyrics, then I move on to Wee Baby Moon, Where Does the Wind Come From, Desert Silvery Blue (which Mommy sings along to parts of, because she likes it), Walk Shepherdess Walk, and more, if necessary.

On a good night, you're asleep by then.

On a bad night. Well, I've written about a few bad nights lately, but I think that's mostly because you're still not 100% recovered from your cold.

Last night was a good night. You settled right down and were asleep within about twenty minutes of lights-out.

Sometimes I think it would be faster to just nurse you in front of the computer, like we still do for naps (you're usually out in a couple of minutes) but I think I'm getting to sleep earlier this way and, even when you're up for a while, it's very nice to all be together in bed.

I know Mommy would get to sleep sooner if you and I were doing our own thing, and I've offered to go back to that, but she's said that it's worth staying up a bit later to have that time together, and I have to agree.

Mommy and I were just talking the other day about how glad we are that we've chosen the parenting path that we have, and how happy it makes us to snuggle in bed with you, and to wear you, and - for me - to nurse you, and so on.

We wouldn't have it any other way, and we wouldn't have you any other way.

Well, except maybe less stuffy and snotty and still-feel-a-little-yucky-cranky.

Actually, I'd be happier if we were all a little less stuffy and snotty and still-feel-a-little-yucky-cranky.

But, other than that, you're just perfect.

Happy damn-near-a-year, my love.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daily Peep: Party Girl

Peeper, all dressed up for Baby BigOneYearOldBoy C's birthday party.

Peeper and Mama, at the Party.

Oy, What a Night/Day!

We've had a crazy of days around here.

A few weeks ago, after a very heavy rain, we noticed water in the basement. It disappeared quickly and hadn't returned, so we figured it was a one-off thing.

Then we realized that there was still a bit under the hot water heater, so it must be leaking. Not good, but better than the foundation.

On Thursday, Shrike asked one of the guys at work about it, and he said that if it's leaking, it could blow up, so we should get it replaced as soon as possible. She called a plumber and lined him up for yesterday.

Yesterday morning, she got up and dealt with him, then woke me up around 10:30 to tell me that he'd gone to get the new water heater to install, and that it was going to cost around $600, and would have a six year warranty.

Well, I'd been looking online, and Home Depot has them for about $450 with a twelve year warranty, so I called to ask what's up with that.

The plumber's wife told me that the $600 included labor, but that her husband had just come in, and he told her that water heater we had was from Lowe's, and it had a lifetime warranty.

She said that it's hard to get them to honor the warranty if you're not the original owner (we're not) but that I could try calling the number on the phone.

Well, yeah. It's worth a call.

So, I did, and I didn't let on that I'm not the original owner, and they gave me a reference number to take to Lowe's, along with the old water heater, to get a replacement. For free.

(Turns out he'd told Shrike basically the same thing, but she came away with the impression that they almost certainly wouldn't honor the warranty, so didn't bother trying.)

A few calls to Lowe's later, and we learned that this model is no longer made, but that they'd replace it with a different brand.

So, the plumber came back and took out the old water heater, went to Lowe's, got a new one, had to pay $85 for an eleven year warranty on it (which doesn't seem right, but I'm scared to argue too much about warranty issues, since it probably shouldn't have been covered in the first place) and installed it.


Then, when Shrike got home from work, she and Peeper went down to look at it, and discovered that water was pouring out of the overflow pipe!

I moved a few things that were about to get wet, and called the plumber, to leave a message for him to call us first thing in the morning.

Oops. I guess that's also his home number, because I woke his wife up at 1 am!

She told me to shut off the water going into the heater, put a bucket under the pipe, and he'd come see about it today.

That meant that we, effectively, had no hot water for the evening. (We turned it back on to shower this morning, then back off).

Luckily, the diapers were already on the spin cycle of their hot wash, and just needed to do a cold rinse!

Because we both wanted hot showers this morning, we decided to skip Peeper's bath last night, then really fucked up her bedtime routine, all around.

She was wanting both of us at once, so Shrike suggested we just go hang out in the bed, and if she went on to sleep great, and if not, we could start with a bath.

So we read and nursed and did everything bedtimely and she wasn't going down. Shrike got her up and brushed her teeth, put on jammies, doubled her diaper, etc, and she still wasn't settling.

She would nurse for a while and be very quiet, and just about the time I was sure she was asleep, she'd start crying.

For some reason (the early wake-up, I'm guessing), I was incredible sleepy, so Shrike and Peeper got up and played for a while, and then she brought her back to nurse.

Again, I thought she was asleep, and then she was suddenly crying hysterically.

I got up and nursed her to sleep in the chair, and she woke up transferring back to bed.

Again with the hysterical crying.

Her poor little nose was all snotty and running, so I tried clearing it and that just made everything so much worse, because now she was also pissed off.

Understandably, I was none too happy about the situation either, but that's no excuse for my behavior.

This is the point where I acted like a general, all-around jackass to everyone, threw snot suckers across the bedroom, and slammed the back door.

(For the record, I wasn't slamming just to be slamming it, but because it was open, and we're being overtaken by fucking stink bugs. Of course, the slamming was not necessary. But it was much more satisfying than the snot suckers hitting the wall bulb first and quietly bouncing off. That is just infuriating. If I'm going to be an asshole and throw something, I want it to make some God damned noise when it hits the wall.)

I don't often behave like that, and I'm pretty much mortified by it, in retrospect.

I was just so frustrated, both at Peeper and for her. It was obvious that she was in some sort of distress (we're assuming it was the congestion) and I couldn't fix it, but the one thing I thought might help, she wouldn't even let me do.

On the one hand, I suppose that throwing and slamming things is a pretty harmless outlet for that frustration, but on the other hand, I just hate for Peeper to see me behave like that.

What the fuck kind of lesson is that for her?

I have already apologized to both her and Shrike privately (and on Twitter), and I'm doing so publicly, again. I'm very, very sorry that I was such an asshole last night.

After I calmed down a bit, I nursed Peeper back to sleep in the chair again, and this time we moved to the recliner where we slept the night.

Much to her credit, Shrike slept on the couch in the living room, as well.

I have no idea why. It can't have been as comfortable as the bed, and I can't imagine why she would've wanted to be near me.

Although, it occurs to me now that perhaps she was keeping an eye on me.

It was a bit after four when we got up the last time, and I'm guessing at least four thirty by the time we were asleep.

This morning, the phone rang around ten o'clock, and I figured it was the plumber. Nope, a fucking fundraising call.

Had we been in the bedroom, we wouldn't have heard it ring, but since we were in the living room, we were all awake.

So, we got up and tried to get ourselves some breakfast, while dealing with a very sleepy, whiney baby.

At some point, I moved the diapers into the dryer. (Actually, that's not true. I discovered them half-way in the dryer, some still sitting on the open door, where they were when Shrike saw something shiny, I suppose.) I pushed the start button, and . . . nothing.

Not a damn thing.

Shrike checked the breaker, and still nothing.

She pulled both the washer and dryer out from the wall and vacuumed all the lint (and God knows what else) from behind them, and still nothing.

At some point during the vacuuming, Peeper and I retreated to the office, where she nursed back to sleep (yay!).

We were talking about taking the diapers over to Shrike's parents' house to dry, and were dreading the thought of a new dryer (at least the hot water heater was warranteed!) when she disappeared in the direction of the laundry room.

From my perch in front of the computer, I could swear I heard the hum of the dryer, but I was afraid that I was imagining it, until she came back to report that it was fine.

It seems that when she checked it the first time, she just located it, went "flip-flip" (as you do) and tested the dryer again.

She decided to check the breaker one more time, and this time she saw that it was turned off. Not tripped, but off.

As it was when she checked it the first time, evidently. So, when she went "flip-flip" she had turned it on and back off.

This time, she just went "flip" and now the dryer is working fine.

I know that the plumbers had turned off the breaker going to the hot water heater, and I guess they turned off the dryer, too, but didn't turn that one back on.

Meanwhile, the plumber's wife had called and we made arrangements to leave a key under the mat for him (Anonymama, you did not read that) to come in and fix it while we are gone this afternoon, to a first birthday party for one of Peeper's friends. (The baby that we met at the grocery store.)

So, diapers drying, Shrike went back to bed, and I continued to do whatever it is that I do in front of the computer, while Peeper finished her interupted night of sleep.

After a while, I happened to glance at the clock and notice that it's 12:15, and we're supposed to be at the birthday party at 1 pm!

Oh shit!

I put Peeper (still asleep) in bed with Shrike, and ascertained that she wasn't going to the party, because she had to leave for work by 2 pm anyway (or earlier, given the location of the party).

I went to the basement and turned on the water to the water heater, showered and dressed, then got Peeper up and dressed.

Of course, it's suddenly decided to be cold and rainy outside, and the party was at a park, so I dressed her in the warmest (that's not saying much) outfit she owns that fits, and figured that if she seemed too cold, I'd wear her, and she'd have an extra couple of layers of fabric, as well as body heat.

We headed out to the car as Shrike was getting up and getting in the shower to get ready for work. I got Peeper strapped in and drove off.

About a block from home, I happened to be adjusting my bra strap when I realized that I'd not put on a tanktop. I knew Peeper would be nursing at some point during the party, and figured my belly would be hanging out if I didn't have a tank, so I turned around at the corner, and grabbed my cellphone to call Shrike, and ask her to come out and watch Peeper while I ran in to change.

First, I called her cell phone, which I realized she wouldn't hear, then I called the home phone and got voicemail there, too.

I passed the mailman on my way back, and when I got to the house, he pulled up to our driveway and had a package for us.

I went to him and got the package, then, keeping one eye on Peeper in the car, went to the door and yelled for Shrike. No response.

I went back to the car, and got Peeper and her carseat (Holy crap! I can't believe people carry babies around in these things! That's fucking heavy!) and went in the house.

Of course, I heard the shower running, and understood why Shrike hadn't answered. But I was still pissed off about it.

Shirt off, tank on, shirt on, and I grabbed Peeper to leave.

By then, one of the dogs had pushed the bathroom door open, so Shrike heard us and asked what was wrong. I explained, then apologized, again, for being a jackass, again, because of course, how could she hear me, and how is it her fault, so why am I yelling at her about it?

Back in the car, and to the party.

Which, despite being cold and drizzly, was actually quite nice. I didn't know anyone but the birthday boy and his moms, but they introduced us to another baby and her parents, so I visited with them for a bit. I also talked to a few other people, mostly answering questions about Peeper, as usual. One very nice couple took a couple of photos of us, which I'll post momentarily.

We were under a pavilion and they'd built a fire in the grill, which was very nice. Whenever we got too chilly, we just went and warmed up by the fire for a bit. Peeper was pretty fascinated by the fire, so I was quite thankful that she's not independently mobile yet!

Earlier, Shrike and I had discussed whether or not to let Peeper have any birthday cake.

On the one hand, we are testing the dairy again (Update: I had mac and cheese on Thursday evening, Peeper had a big poop last night and her butt looks great, not red at all!), and specifically hoping that she's okay to have regular cake at her party in a month. On the same, pro-cake hand, part of the "concept" of baby-led weaning is that the kid eats "regular" food along with the grownups, so it didn't seem fair if I had some and she didn't.

On the anti-cake hand, it's a lot of sugar and - probably the biggest factor for me, because well, because I'm me - there's a part of me that kind of wanted her first taste of birthday cake to be at her first birthday party.

But, we decided that I would have a small piece (I would not have, if we were not testing the dairy or if she'd shown a reaction from the mac and cheese) and that she could have a tiny bit.

As it turned out, she was nursing and almost asleep with the singing and caking began, and when we got our piece, she wasn't interested, she just wanted to nurse some more.

So, I got to have my cake and put hers off for a month, too!

Peeper's morning nap must have done her a world of good, because she was in a great mood for the party. She nursed / almost napped a couple of times, but without getting grumpy first.

We got home around 3 pm. She'd fallen asleep in the car, and at 5:30 6:00 pm, she's still sleeping in my lap, just now stirring a bit.

When we got home, it didn't seem that the plumber had been here (I'd told him to leave the key on the dining table, and I didn't see it there), so I was worried he'd wake Peeper up when he arrived, but around 5:30, his wife called.

She said that since it's a Lowe's heater, not one they sell, he will have to charge us for the time to come look at it, and it would be overtime if he comes on the weekend, so she suggested that we just "baby it along" (turn it on when we need it, off when we don't, leave the bucket there to catch any overflow) until Monday.

I'm not thrilled about that, but I agreed to wait until then.

The more I think about it, though, the more I think we ought to argue with them about paying for this second trip, because even if it's not something that you can know about until the pressure builds up (that's what she said) it still should be his responsibility to intall it correctly the first time - or Lowe's fault for selling us a faulty heater. In that case, I think they ought to pay for his second trip.

Not that I think he did this, but it seems to me that it would be pretty fucking simple to leave something just a bit loose when you install it, requiring a second trip out to fix it, and a second service charge.

So, to summarize:

  • The new hot water heater cost $85, not $450 (plus labor).
  • The dryer is fine, and always was.
  • The wakey, crying baby only has a cold and is almost over it and is now asleep.
  • Despite being a total jerk last night, I still seem to be married. Well, "married."
I guess it's not so bad, after all.

Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read
September 26 - October 3

To learn more, visit

Here's what I had to say on the subject, a couple of years ago.

And here's a video:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Daily Peep: Fairytale Palace

This pink girlie "Fairytale Palace" baby-not-legos set was part of a bunch of stuff we got from Freecycle. We did not pick it out and pay for it.

Of course, she loves it.

(Evidently, big plastic blocks are very chewable, even if they are pink.)

I'm teaching her that this piece goes, "Vroom, vroom!"

Twin Report

My sister-in-law got her labwork back and is now officially diagnosed with preeclampsia. She's been admitted to the hospital for observation, and might be able to go home tomorrow.

Her blood pressure was high this morning, but came down and stabilized later, so they're watching that and waiting to see what another 24-hour urine shows, in the way of protein.

She's 34 weeks today, which is the point at which they do not try to stop someone from going into labor with twins. (For a singleton pregnancy, it's 35 weeks.)

As of a week ago, the babies were each estimated at around 4 3/4 pounds, so are probably something over five pounds, now.

Figuring in the fact that twins mature a bit faster, they are probably now, or will very soon be, at least as big and mature as Peeper was when she was born.

Of course, she was smaller and less mature than ideal.

So, they are hoping to keep them in for as long as possible, but if they were born now, they would likely have some minor concerns, like Peeper did, and then be fine.

Anonymama tells me that, since she was officially diagnosed yesterday, BabyBro has gotten the carseats installed, set up the closet in the nursery and ordered the remaining necessities from their registry.

(They've had three showers already, I can't imagine there would be too much left that they absolutely have to have. Also, you'd be surprised what it turns out you don't absolutely have to have.)

And, they've washed all the tiny clothes. (Just between you and me, though, if they come any time real soon, none of the clothes they have will be tiny enough.)

I'm figuring that if they are that prepared, those kids are staying put for a while.

Of course, your mojo to that effect would help, too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daily Peep: Hippy / Chick



Yes. Yes, it is.

Look Hands, No Ma!

Here's Peeper's "new" toy in action:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Huh, Whaddya Know?!

Peeper enjoys playing with the gadgets on this car, and also likes "riding" on it, as in this photo, from a few weeks ago.

But, it's a hand-me-down, and is missing a piece or two, and has seen better days, so (ssshhh!) we're thinking of getting her a new riding toy of some sort for her birthday, or for Christmas.

We've talking about maybe getting one of those that converts from a pushing-walker-type-thing into a riding toy (although, they do make me a little nervous, because it seems that the kid needs to be pretty stable or they'll just roll away and let them fall).

Peeper and I went to Target this evening, and were looking at toys for big-one-year-old girls, checking out our options, when I saw something that looked very familiar.

It was a newer, spiffier version of the same toy, and I'd like to show it to you, but when I tried to find it on their website, what I founnd there is exactly the same as ours, only new and shiny and clean.

Maybe the one in the store is the "girl" version, because it had some purple on it, and maybe some pink? On the other hand, I think the one in the store also had more stuff on it. Hmmm, intriguing.

Anyway, point being, I looked at the pictures on the box, realized that we are dumbasses, and then came home and . . . .

Yep, I turned it over and there's a little green lever that lets it flip up and turn into a pushing toy. Who knew?!

She pushed it a little bit, but was more interested in reading books at the moment, so she really didn't get too into it, so we'll try again later.

Right now, it's set up on an area rug, which is on top of a carpet, so it doesn't move very fast, which I think will be fairly safe (of course, we'll be watching her!) but I don't know that I'd want her to try pushing it on the slickery floor yet.

I can't wait for Shrike to get home so I can show her!

Daily Peep: Betty Bedhead

This is what we woke up to this morning.

We Love Babywearing

September 21 - 28 is International Babywearing Week!

Here's some other posts I've written about our babywearing adventures.

Before Peeper was born, I thought it would be a good idea to get "a sling," or "a front pack," but I had no idea of the huge variety of carriers out there, or how much we'd actually end up using ours.

When she was very young, and we were struggling with breastfeeding, DoulaK recommended wearing her (for more snuggly time) so we bought a Baby K'tan at Target, because it's what we saw there.

We couldn't begin to figure out how to use it, so when DoulaK came over for our postpartum follow-up (as if we'd not spoken a zillion times in the interim) she took a look at it, and really couldn't sort it out either.

But, she had a wrap with her, and showed us out to use it, saying that if we like that style of carrier, she had several more designs at home, and we could see them on her website, and . . .

"We'll take it!" we said - and bought the demo right off her back.

We didn't want to wait around for another one, and we loved the design, with the blue batik and symbols of religions of the world.

(Yeah, you might have seen it around the blog a few times ;-) )

The brand is Wrapsody (formerly known as Gypsy Mama), and it's a wrap or "simple piece of cloth (SPOC)" style carrier.

We also have a few other carriers "on loan" from DoulaK - a ring sling, a mei tei and what I call the not-an-Ergo, because it's a cheaper knock-off of the real thing, that she bought on Ebay.

We never actually use any of those, though, because we love the wrap so much.

I might go with the mei tai for back carries as Peeper get bigger, but I would prefer to stick with the wrap, even on my back, though. It looks cuter with her in a little bundle, and I don't know, I guess I'm just very attached to it.

I love everything about babywearing - the convenience (look Mama, no hands!), the cuddliness, and - if the truth be told - the conversations that I get to have when people stop us in the middle of Target or downtown to ask about it.

Every time I see someone pushing a stroller or carring a carseat, I just feel so bad for the parents who are navigating that big old stroller around obstacles, or lugging that heavy seat, and I feel bad for the baby, who's stuck in the seat, all alone.

Speaking of feeling bad - I feel really bad that Anonymama and Anonydaddy paid all that money to get us the "travel system" that we registered for, when we really don't use it.

If I'd known then what I know now, I would've just gone with a convertible carseat - you know, like the one we're going to have to buy within the next couple of months anyway, because she's approaching the weight limit of the infant carseat - and then maybe an umbrella stroller later on.

As Peeper gets bigger and heavier, we might find ourselves using the stroller, but she's pushing eleven months old, and we've used it a grand total of three times - the two train trips to the Children's Hospital and our first plane trip to Texas - and each time, it was just used as a luggage cart, while we carried (the first trip - before we had the wrap) or wore (the other two) Peeper.

Last winter, we did bring her carseat into the house to get her buckled in and bundled up (or out) inside the warm house, and we occassionaly did that elsewhere, too, so I guess it was nice for it to be easily removed from the car.

Other than that, though, I can probably count on one hand the number of times we actually took her in somewhere and kept her in the carseat.

Before we had the wrap (or maybe before we got a second lesson from DoulaK and I actually learned how to use it) I took Peeper to Staples alone, and put her carseat in the basket, and two or three times, we have arrived at a restaurant with her finally asleep, and took her in and let her sleep for a while, but that didn't last long, and as soon as she was awake, we got her out and held or wore her.

Even before we had the wrap, we preferred to just carry her in places in our arms, rather than the carseat, because it was so much heavier than she was.

I did quickly find that even a five pound baby can be uncomfortable to hold for long periods, so when I got the wrap, and was able to strap her onto me and have my hands free, it was just perfect!

When she was tiny, she would usually go right to sleep as soon as I tucked her into the wrap, and even if she was awake, she was almost always content. We could do just about anything with her in there.

As she's gotten bigger, she's still almost always happy if she's being worn. I usually wear her facing outward, so she can see what's going on around her, and she just loves it. She's able to see everything that I see, (and, now, grab for whatever I'm holding!) and loves interacting with the people that I'm talking to.

(Actually, they are usually talking to her, not to me!)

When she's tired, she rides faces in, and can snuggle up and go to sleep. This worked great a couple of days ago, when Shrike took her along on her dogwalk. She was able to sleep sitting up in the moist night air, which was great for her congested little sinuses, and was still snugging with Mommy!

More than once, we've been out and about when she's gotten sleepy and fussy in the middle of a store. I've found a comfortable spot to nurse her (like Target's patio furniture display, or the cafe at our grocery store) to sleep, then tucked her back into the wrap, cuddled against me, and we've finished our shopping.

When the three of us are out together, Shrike is usually the one who wears her. It's great because it gives them one-on-one time, and give me some "alone" time - both of which are rare commodities around here.

Funnily enough, the very first time that Shrike wore her (at Target, naturally), when we'd not had the wrap very long, and we're really used to it yet, we ran into DoulaK while we were shopping! (This is the only time we have ever randomly run into her.) "See!" I said, "We really are using it!"

Sometimes I feel guilty for alway suggesting that Shrike wear her when we're all out together, but then she reminds me how much she loves wearing her, and I just feel silly.

I've talked to lots of people who've said that they had a carrier of some sort (usually a ring sling or a front pack, which are the ones that are more readily available from "mainstream" vendors) that they didn't like, or it wasn't comfortable, or it didn't work after the baby got past fifteen pounds, or whatever, which is really a shame.

I think so many more people would be wearing their babies if they had access to a wider variety of good, comfortable carriers, and if they tried a few to find the one that works for them.

We were very lucky to have our own personal babywearing coach, and to find a carrier that we liked so quickly. If I'd started with a ring sling and no hands-on guidance, I would've given up on it immediately.

(The ring sling looks very simple and easy, but I am evidently much to stupid to use one. DoulaK has tried to show me several times and I just can't get the hang of it. Many people love them, though.)

The wrap, especially, is something that most people have never seen, so it gets a lot of attention which, honestly, I love.

I think we get a little less attention how that Peeper's being carried in a position that's similar to other carriers, but when she was just a little teeny face peeking out of this blob on my front, there were lots of, "Is that a baby in there?!" comments.

I actually carry a stack of DoulaK's business cards in my wallet, and anytime someone asks about it, I say, "If you're interested in getting one, I can tell you where. . . ."

Before Peeper was born, there were some things, like breastfeeding and cosleeping, that we definitely planned on doing, but babywearing is one that has snuck up on us.

I thought we'd probably want a carrier to use occassionally, but I never dreamed that we'd be wearing her exclusively, that we'd all enjoy it so much, or that I would become so evangelical about it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Peep: Taking A Stand

This was a couple of days ago. It only lasted a few seconds, but every now and then, she forgets herself and does something like this!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Twin Update

SIL saw her OB again today, and everything looks about the same as Friday, her blood pressure was a bit high at first then normal, and she's not any more effaced or dilated.

So, that's all good.

If she does have mild preeclampsia (they're waiting on result from some bloodwork that was drawn on Friday), at this point, it's a matter of watching her closely, rather than anybody being in any danger.

Hopefully there will be nothing else interesting to tell for a few more weeks.

Daily Peep: Snot-Nosed Kid

Have I mentioned that we aren't feeling well?

Having heard LadyKay and Frappa's descriptions of H1N1, I'm quite confident that we don't have that, because we're not nearly sick enough, but we still feel pretty yucky.

Actually, Shrike seems to be holding up pretty well, and I actually don't feel as awful as I usually do with a cold, but Peeper's pretty pathetic.

She's probably running a touch of fever, although we've not actually taken her temperature, and she's sneezey and snotty and snorty and snuffley.

She's being remarkably good-natured about it, actually, until it's time to go to sleep.

You know how it's always worst when you try to lie down and sleep. I'm sure her little head is filling up with snot, and it's hard to nurse, and it's downhill from there.

Last night, we thought we had her down early, then she woke up and it was just awful.

I'd tried getting her to settle down in the recliner, where we could both sit up, but it wasn't working, and around 4 am, Shrike got back up (things were calm when I sent her to bed) because Peeper and I were both pretty much hysterical.

I just felt so awful for her, because not only does she feel crappy, but when you're a baby and you don't understand about being sick, it's probably really scary to suddenly not be able to breathe easily, and you have no concept that you're going to feel better in a few days.

And I just felt so powerless to do anything about it.

I know that, considering all we've been through with Peeper and her health, a fucking cold is not really that big of a deal, but it's the deal that we're dealing with right now, and it was a real big damn deal at four o'clock this morning.

And have I mentioned that I'm sick, too?

So, Shrike took Peeper and changed her diaper, then decided to put her in the car and drive around. I insisted on going along, and grabbed what I could as she headed out the door.

I'm really glad I went, because even with me sitting in back and nursing her, she was just hysterical, and I can't imagine how much worse it would've been if she were back there all alone.

Shrike headed north on the big road, and I had about decided (but not yet said out loud) that if we cut over to the interstate, and looped back and got to the other big road, where the hospital is, and she was still crying, that I wanted to take her to the emergency room.

I know. For a cold. And being pissed off.

I was not really thinking very clearly.

But, she was asleep before we got to the road that cuts over to the interstate - which is about two minutes from our house.

It seemed like an hour.

Just as she was settled, Shrike noticed that we needed gas.


We made a slightly smaller loop than the one I just described and hit our favorite gas station / convenience store, where Shrike filled us up while I sat in back with Peeper.

Wait, let me paint you the picture:

We'd left the house so precipitously that I had no shoes on, but I was still better-dressed than Shrike, who was wearing boxer shorts and and tanktop with no bra.

At least I had thought to grab some sweatpants to cover my boxers and a t-shirt to cover my tanktop. I did have a bra on of course, but if I'd not grabbed that t-shirt, everyone would've known it, because what I was wearing was a homemade nursing tank - a "wifebeater" with slashes cut in it for my boobs to stick out of, as needed.

(On the other hand, I suppose we could've stopped at Walmart instead, and we would've been just fine.)

So, after Shrike pumped gas, when she got back in the car, I said, "I really want a coffee. But I don't have any shoes on, will you go. . . "

She said, "I would die for you, but I will not do that," as she took her shoes off and handed them back to me.

Her feet are at least two sizes smaller than mine, but I wore them in anyway. Along with my sweatpants and snotty nose and I've been crying hysterically because my baby has been crying hysterically eyes.

Nobody even blinked.

When we got home, Peeper and I slept sitting up in the recliner, and we both seemed to survive the night.

This evening, Peeper hadn't had a nap (despite nursing a few times), so Shrike offered to take her along on her dogwalk, in hopes that it would lull her to sleep.

Here they are, getting ready to go:
(Were you beginning to wonder where the photos were?)

This is probably the third time that Shrike and Peeper have left our property without me, so I wasn't sure what to do with myself!

I decided to take a nice hot bath and steam my sinuses clear, but I put both the cell and cordless phones beside the tub, just in case she called.

I suppose I thought I would run and rescue them, wet and naked, if something went wrong?

She did call, which freaked me out a bit, but she just wanted to let me know that Peeper was quite content (I don't know why I thought she wouldn't be - she loves Mommy, loves the dogs, loves being outside - and the moist night air is probably really good for her congestion.) and then she fell asleep.


Her plan was to keep walking for a while, so she could get a decent nap.

They're still gone, so I suppose she's still sleeping.

I hope so.

I think we may just start with a night-night ride for bedtime tonight, and maybe even tomorrow, if she's still this stuffy.

There's the whole car-puts-baby-to-sleep factor, and the night air, and the bonus of it being a good way for her to nurse comfortably while sitting up.

(Comfortable for her, and mostly comfortable for me.)

So, we'll see how it goes.

Keep your fingers crossed, and please sent no-snot mojo.

Update: They just got home. Peeper woke up a few minutes before they got back to the house, but we still pretty content. She's now nursed and is ready to play.

International Babywearing Week: Close Enough to Kiss
September 21-28, 2009

More Information

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daily Peep: Peeper Possesses a Plethora of Pretty Pink Panda Paraphrenalia

DoulaK gave her these panda socks a million years ago, and they were already in the outgrown-give-away box, but I pulled them out and crammed them on her feet because they just matched so freaking well.

And then we went outside. I'm afraid we may have ruined their hand-me-downability.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Miss Smarty-Diaper*

(*™ Shrike)

I scrambled up a couple of eggs for myself this evening, with onion, pepper and ham.

I shared a bit with Peeper, and she really seemed to like it, because she asked for more.

Then, she was signing "milk" while she was eating, so I said "You want goody?" and she signed "more" and I said, "More goody? What do you want more of?" and she signed "more" then immediately signed "food/eat."

Am I reading too much into that exchange, or did she mis"speak," correct herself and use a sentence to clarify?

Daily Peep: The Dread Pirate Peeper

And her crew.

Post Like a Pirate Day

Click here, mateys, t'be readin' me cap'n's log.

More on the Twins

In addition to her regular OB appointment, my sister-in-law also saw her perinatologist for an ultrasound and growth scan and things are looking great in there.

They estimate that the boy weighs 4 lb 12 oz and the girl 4 lb 11 oz, which means that they are each around what we suspect Peeper might have actually weighed at birth - and a quarter pound heavier than what she weighed when we brought her home at five days old.

Of course, they are three weeks younger than she was when she was born, so their lungs probably aren't as mature, and we've certainly learned that "near term" is not nearly as good as "term" so we're hoping for them to stay put for a few more weeks.

Any mojo you've got to that effect would be greatly appreciated.

Daily Peep: Limbo Rock

Earlier in the evening.

Under the Weather, Under the Stars

It rather pales in comparison (I hope!) to LadyKay and her gang's swine flu, but we've been fighting a cold (I hope!) here for a couple of days.

Wednesday night, as we were getting Peeper to sleep, I started feeling a bit of a tell-tale tickle in my throat. By yesterday morning, it was definitely there, and Shrike had one, too.

This morning, my throat hurt and I was starting to feel snotty and sniffley.

A couple of times during the day, I've felt a bit feverish, but the one time I took my temperature, it was normal.

Shrike's reporting pretty much the same.

I talked to our pediatrician's office (and left a voicemail for the grown-up doctor's office, but they never called back) to check on the status of H1N1 in our area, in hopes that we could nip it in the bud with some Tamiflu if it were a possibility. The nurse said they've not seen any H1N1 locally, but they have been seeing a typical beginning of school bug, so that's probably what we've got.

Peeper's seemed okay until this evening, as we were getting ready for bed, when she started sounding congested and being grumpy.

When we tried to get her to sleep (all week we've been going to bed together and working on getting her to fall sleep in the bed, rather than Shrike going to bed while I nurse her in front of the computer and move to bed later) she nursed for a while, then ended up crying, so I got up with her, had a snack, tried to get her to nurse again, and let her lead me back to the bedroom, where she still cried and refused to nurse.

Shrike took the next shift, while I dozed a bit, but I don't think it went much better.

I got back up sometime around 3:30 and send Shrike to bed.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I put on the Baby Signs DVD for our no-TV child, and tried to get her to settle down on the couch.

She watched for a while, but she wanted very much to nurse while watching, and I just couldn't manage to find a way to make that happen, so she just got upset.

I let her "walk" and she kept taking me to the backdoor, so I finally went outside - and she got quiet. Immediately.

Only, it was (according to the thermometer on the patio) about 58 degrees out - and 4 o'clock in the morning.

So, I came back in, put on some shoes and a shirt (I was in a tanktop), grabbed a comforter to wrap around her and took her back out.

Again, she immediately stopped whining / crying / being pathetic.

I turned off the porch light and showed her the stars. Then I pulled a chair out from under the roof, sat down and she was finally willing to nurse.

After a couple of minutes, I stood up and walking / swayed / danced in the backyard, singing to her, until she was asleep enough that I dared to come inside and carry her all the way through the house to the bedroom.

The transfer went fairly smoothly but, as usual, I realized I was starving, so I got back up for a snack, and of course, to blog about it.

She always likes going outside, but I couldn't believe that it made such a difference - especially as chilly as it is out there.

Maybe the moist night air made her sinuses and throat feel better. Come to think of it, it kind of helped mine, too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Daily Peep: Reading a Magazine


Peeper ate (and fed to BigGaloot) the food on her plate, then signed "more."

Then she ate some of the "more" that I gave her and signed "all done."

She played in her exersaucer while I finished eating, then when I picked her up, she signed "milk" and "more," so we nursed for a while.

Holy shit, I think I just had a *conversation* with my 10 1/2 month old baby.

I love baby signs.

Mojo for Peeper's Aunts and Cousins

Mojo Request #1: LadyKay and her "kids"
You might have seen my tweet a couple of days ago about LadyKay, Frappa and Kiddo1 (poor guy needs a better blogonym) having H1N1 ("swine") flu. Here's the Reader's Digest version, via Facebook:

Tue at 8:47am
Bleah! Never mind on that determination to not be sick. Frappa and I were just diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. Doc is ordering Tamiflu for everyone and quarantining us to the house. Double bleach!

Tue at 9:17am
Frappa's been sick for several days; it hit me yesterday. Kiddo1's okay, but they are putting him on Tamiflu anyway to try to keep him from catching it. We'll take all the prayers we can get.

Tue at 9:00pm
Yeah, all three of us are sick now. On that last post the comment was supposed to be "Double bleah!" but I guess double bleach could be called for too... and Lysol and hand sanitizer and...

18 hours ago
LadyKay is feeling better, hallelujah! We've still got a way to go, but I think we've all turned the corner and are seeing the light at the end of the quarantine. And may I say again, flu is bad.

15 hours ago
Unfortunately it's not over yet. We're better, but a good way from well. Frappa is feeling really lousy again tonight. :(

Mojo Request #2: MyLovelySIL and the Twins

Got a call from Anonymama this afternoon, then a follow-up email, reporting on SIL and the twins, who are now at 33 weeks gestation. Here's the email:

Talked to BabyBro and SIL saw the OB this am. Her BP is up some and she had a little protein in her urine. Ran some tests at the hospital and she may or may not be trying to go into pre-eclampsia.

She is a little effaced and dilated a cm. They felt she was OK and sent her home. (She has gone to the office.) She returns Monday am.

BabyBro is due to go to Denver Sunday and back Monday, and they said to go ahead and go. [This is a Really Big Deal work thing.]

They do not expect her to carry them all the way to term, [the current plan is for a c-section at 38 weeks if she goes that far] but say that they are ok with things for now. The cervix changes are not unexpected for twins, they said. She may hang on for several more weeks. Hope so.

Keep SIL, BabyGirl and BabyBoy in your prayers, everyone.

What she said.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So, What Do You Do All Day?

3:00 am Everybody but me asleep. I fall asleep not too long afterward.

3:00 - 10:00 am Sleeping, and probably nursing Peeper off and on, without really bothering to wake up or look at the clock.

10:00 am Wake up enough to check the time before offering Peeper a boob. We both go back to sleep.

10:30 am Have very vivid dream in which Shrike and I, along with the midwife who delivered Peeper, are helping a friend (who is pregnant, in real life) to deliver her baby. It's a water birth in an actual fullsize swimming pool. I'm "pushing with her" and I can feel it. Not the pain part, but the pressure. Weird enough that it was so vivid and I "felt" it so clearly, but even weirder that I wasn't even the one having the baby in the dream!

11:00 am - noon Continue to doze while nursing Peeper, as Shrike "messes with her" off and on, and tries to get her to wake up.

Noon - 12:15 pm Peeper is finally awake, as am I. Cuddle in bed with Shrike and Peeper.

12:15 pm Finally get up. Offer Peeper some breakfast (Cheerios, raisins, honeydew melon) which she turns down. Fix my breakfast (cinnamon swirl - no raisins! - bagel with peanut butter and honey)

12:20 pm Shrike takes Peeper while I eat breakfast in front of the computer, checking email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

12:40 pm Shrike brings Peeper in to see me because, "Stupid Mommy let me step on a holly leaf." I think I was supposed to nurse her and fix it, but by the time she gets to me, she's fine, so they go play some more. I sit in front of the computer and play some more.

1:00 pm Nurse Peeper, Shrike takes a shower.

1:20 pm Shower and dress.

1:45 pm Get shoes on, etc, and go for a walk with Shrike, Peeper and the dogs. (This is not typical, in fact it's the first walk Peeper and I have joined them for in quite a while. They've been going early, before it got too hot. Now that it's cooler, we'll try to join them - until it gets too cold.)

2:20 pm Home from walk. Shrike and Peeper play, while Shrike gets dressed for work.

2:40 pm Nurse Peeper to sleep.

2:45 pm Shrike leaves for work.

2:40 - 5:30 pm Peeper naps / nurses in my lap in front of the computer. Check email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Surf random shit. Make calls to grocery stores and bakeries to get price quotes on birthday cakes. Nobody can do a dairy-free cake. Send long Facebook message to friend who makes very cool cakes, about maybe making a very cool, and also dairy-free cake for Peeper's birthday party. Google and find a local party supply store. Formulate a plan to visit it today. Research riding toys for one-year-olds.

5:30 pm Peeper wakes up. Get us both dressed. Realize that diapers are half-washed and we only have two clean ones after the one I've just put on Peeper. Start diapers on their final rinse.

5:50 pm Leave the house. Call Shrike to see if she needs / wants anything while we're out. She asks if the party store is still open. Hmmm. While driving, hear suspicious sounds from Peeper - both her voice and her booty.

6:00 pm Arrive at shopping center where I expect to see party store. Don't see it. Go to Kmart across the street instead. Smell Peeper's booty. Change very poopy diaper. Use both washcloths that I have with me. I now have one clean diaper and no wipes. Cross fingers.

6:10 pm Finally get in Kmart. It is dumb. No plain pink or generic "first birthday" plates. Lots of licensed characters. Boo.

6:30 pm Leave Kmart, head to Dollar Tree by where the party store was supposed to be. Park car. Start to get Peeper out - and see the party store, in building a right angle to where I was looking before. Get back in car and drive to party store.

6:35 pm Party store is meh. There are a few cute first birthday things, and cheaper plain pink plates. I think we will do that and save our money for the cake.

7:50 pm Walk a few stores down to Subway and buy a sandwich for dinner. 6" cold cut combo on wheat, toasted, with sweet onion sauce, red onions, black olives and sweet peppers. Drive home.

7:00 pm Arrive home, and share sandwich with Peeper. She might be signing "milk" while she eats. Put diapers in dryer.

7:15 pm Nurse Peeper for about 10 minutes.

7:25 pm Let Peeper play on floor while I play on computer, until she complains. Play with Peeper.

7:40 pm Nurse Peeper for about 10 minutes.

7:50 pm Let Peeper play on floor while I play on computer, until she complains. Play with Peeper.

8:05 pm Let Peeper play with toys in kitchen while I make a pot of decaff coffee.

8:15 pm Fold and put away clothes in bedroom, then in Peeper's room, while Peeper plays in her room.

8:25 pm Play with Peeper.

9:00 pm Fold towels, while Peeper helps. Peeper falls backward on (carpetted) floor and bumps her head. She doesn't cry, but it requires a few seconds of nursing to fix.

9:10 pm Set up Peeper playing in her room. Start a load of clothes in washer, remove diapers from dryer, throw a few dishes in the dishwasher and start it.

9:20 pm Move Peeper to office, and check email while she plays.

9:22 pm Play with Peeper, walking all over the house.

9:30 pm I'm starving. Set Peeper up with a snack and start to fix something for myself. She's done with being in the highchair. Move her to her "farm" (exersaucer) and finish fixing me a snack. Cut up some onion and hotdogs, heat in skillet, squirt on some barbecue sauce. Peeper is really done now. Put it all in a bowl and stick it in the fridge for later.

9:40 pm Nurse Peeper to sleep for her second nap. (There are supposed to be three naps. There've only been two the past couple of days. I think this might be a new pattern. I need to pay attention, so I can know what to expect.)

9:40 - 11:50 pm - Peeper naps / nurses in my lap in front of the computer. Check email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Process images and post "Daily Peep." Transcribe notes scribbled on an envelope about what I've done all day.

11:50 pm Dogs barking outside wake Peeper up. I realize she probably should've been up an hour ago, if we want her asleep at a "decent hour" for the night. Oops.

11:55 pm - 12:10 am Finally eat! Feed Peeper a snack as well (honeydew, Cheerios, Ritz crackers - put some of my barbecue sauce on the crackers for her). Move clothes to dryer.

12:10 am Get Peeper set up with toys in the office, and update blog on what I've done in the past twenty minutes. And, she's done.

12:10 - 12:20 am Play with Peeper. Discover tooth #6. Blog about it, while she plays with my feet. I think she's trying to peel off the crusty part.

12:20 - 1 am Play with Peeper.

1:00 am Mommy's home!

1:00 am Eat some oreos, get coffee

1:05 am Nurse Peeper

1:10 am Get in bathtub all by myself.

1:30 - 1:50 am Peeper joins me in bathtub.

1:55 am Shrike gets Peeper in her diaper and jammies, and brushes her teeth, while I have a snack and start a load of diapers washing.

2:10 am Everybody in bed - books, singing, nursing, Peeper flopping back and forth.

3:10 am Peeper is fussing, and tooting a lot, so we give her Tylenol and Orajel for teeth, and Mylecon for gas. (First time she's had that in months and months and months. It's a stretch.)

3:30 am I give up and get up with Peeper. Shrike stays behind and goes to sleep. Peeper leads me to the computer chair where we usually nurse, but won't nurse. We watch "The Baby Peeper Show" (my screensaver - a slideshow of her) for a while.

3:40 am We get up and she leads me to the highchair, so we each have a snack, and I restart the diapers, on hot water.

3:55 am Back to the chair, and now she's willing to nurse.

4:05 am Peeper's still nursing, and is maybe probably hopefully asleep.

4:20 am She's out, and I head to bed.

Daily Peep: My Boo!