Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Before the Blog: Ready to Roll

Hey folks! This will be the last update for a few days. Whozat will be loading up the moving truck tomorrow afternoon, so she's got to pack up the computer tonite.

After several false leads and near misses, she's finally got a crew together to get the stuff onto the truck. So tomorrow will be a busy, busy day for her.

As soon as school is out, (it's the last day of school so that will be a "gaggle-fuck" (as Shrike says) in and of itself!) she'll be delivering her car to the dealership that's buying it and getting her money for that, then picking up the truck (across the street from the car dealership, as luck would have it!) and coming home to meet the guys and start loading. She's hoping to get that done in 3 hours or so - keep your fingers crossed for that!

Then on Friday, she gets off work at noon, then has to make a trip to the credit union to make a billion different deposits, transfers and withdrawals and then home to get the house into "move-out" condition. Lots of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming scheduled for Friday!

That evening is her nephew's 8th grade graduation and then dinner w/her sister's family and then home to wait for Shrike!

YIPPEE! We should be together in 52 hours!

Saturday morning we'll load up the last few things, stop by Whozat's parents for a quick visit (and to dump off a few things she's leaving there that she forgot to take yesterday, of course) and then drop off the rental car Shrike's driving in from Houston and we'll be on our way!

We should arrive in BlueState sometime Monday and we *think* we know where we'll be living when we get there. Shrike is supposed to be getting things settled today on a tiny little month-to-month apt where we can stay until we know where Whozat will be working.

We should be back online as soon as we can unpack the computer and hook it up, since Shrike already has an account up there, so we'll be sure to post an update then!

Friday, May 21, 1999

Before the Blog: Moving Plans


By this time next week, Shrike should have arrived and we should be well on our way to getting "reacquainted" ;-)

Whozat is busy-busy-busy with packing and planning. Shrike is doing her best to locate us a place we can both live til we're settled job-wise, without her having an hour commute to work everyday (as it would be from M & C's place.) We have a few options on how to work it out, but nothing is solid yet.

Whozat is working on lining up a crew of "strapping young men" to load the truck on Thursday. She's hoping to be able to just stand around and give directions and not have to exert herself too much! Especially since we'll both be among the crew of not-so-strapping not-so-young dykes who'll be stuck unloading it in BlueState a few days later!

No real news on the job front - Whozat's got some leads on some teaching positions, but she's really hoping for something else to pop up.

Oh, by the way, Whozat's mom's surgery went fine, she's back home, as of a few hours ago, and is doing well. She's still in a lot of pain, especially after all the exertion getting involved in getting home and getting settled, but she says the physical therapy is a bit easier each time and she's looking forward to a few weeks down the road when she's fully recovered and getting around much better than before the surgery.

Sunday, May 16, 1999

Before the Blog: The Secret Sock Stash

Well, Whozat's been a packing fool the last week! Got a lot done last weekend and even more this weekend. Looks like she's right on schedule.

Here's a funny thing - the kitties have a thing about socks - they love to steal them (MamaCat will steal them from the drawer if it's open even a crack - Whozat has come home and found a trail of socks from the bedroom to the front door!) and they love to "kill" them - especially in the middle of the night!

As she was cleaning out and packing the office closet, Whozat found their secret stash of socks - in the back corner, behind some boxes were about 8 socks that they've evidently stolen and hidden there!

Either that or that's where they go when they disappear from the dryer!

Possible good news on the job front - Whozat has a couple of calls to return tomorrow from potential employers who left messages for her on Friday - Yippee!

She's taking a sick day tomorrow to run errands and make tons of phone calls. Also, her mom's have surgery tomorrow (having both knees replaced) so she'd like to be around for that.

Shrike is enjoying her new job and getting to spend lots of time w/her family. She's also been visiting our friends M & C a bit - she's gone up to their place a couple of Fridays to watch Xena with them.

Whozat thinks it's totally unfair that she had to watch this weeks episode (Ides of March) alone and Shrike didn't! Well, that's about all our news - more later!

Monday, May 10, 1999

Before the Blog: Packing Up

18 days to go....Shrike seems to be settling in to her new job - bummer that she has to be there at 6:30 am, though!

Whozat is hanging in there, counting the days.

She started packing this weekend - got a lot done in the way of books and fru-fru-look-pretty stuff that won't get used in the next few weeks anyway.

Tomorrow is Whozat's birthday. She celebrated it, her sister's birthday (which is Thursday) and Mother's Day with her family yesterday. Her big gift was a computer upgrade and a scanner from her parents. Here's a picture of her engagement ring!