Monday, June 14, 1999

Before the Blog: Capital PrideFest

Well, dinner with Shrike's family went well. Her sister had already told their grandparents that Whozat is visiting for the summer, so we guess she'll just like it so much she decides to stay! Shrike's mom still made small talk with Whozat about her job search, but we don't think her grandparents heard any of that.

We went to DC yesterday for the Capital Pride Festival and it was great! As Whozat commented on the way home, "That was probably more queers than I've seen in my entire life - even if you count all the ones that I didn't even know were queer!"

That's probably true - they were predicting around 200,000 people to attend the street fair, and it didn't look like the intermittent rain kept anyone away.

This was our first Pridefest, but it certainly won't be our last. We're definitely making plans to attend the BlueState Pridefest that's coming up. No new news on Whozat's job search, we'll keep you posted on that as things develop.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Before the Blog: Meeting the Grandparents

Well, we've now been in BlueState for almost two weeks and we're starting to get somewhat settled into our new apartment.

We still haven't unpacked much, but since it's temporary, Whozat is thinking of every box unpacked as just another one to repack in a few weeks!

Whozat's job search is progressing, she should hear back in a couple of weeks from an interview she had for a software trainer position and the web editor position should be interviewing about that time.

She's decided that since she was dreading the possibility of the high school she interviewed with last week offering her a job and since she was relieved when they didn't, that she should take it as a clue that she's done with teaching, so she's not pursuing any of the other teaching positions she's heard about.

She has signed up with a temp agency, in hopes of getting a little work between now and finding something permanent, but nothing has come of that yet. The agency also offers some pretty advanced computer training about an hour away, so if nothing comes of the other jobs, she's planning to look into that.

We have plans for dinner this evening with Shrike's family to celebrate her grandfather's birthday, which was this week. Whozat is a little nervous about meeting Shrike's grandparents, because they know absolutely *nothing*.

We assume that they know Shrike had a roommate when she was living in Texas, but as far as we know, they have no idea that her "roommate" has moved to BlueState. We're hoping Shrike's mom has at least mentioned this to them, but Whozat's thinking they still may wonder what the hell she's doing at a family function.

Shrike's sister suggested telling them for now that Whozat is just here for the summer (believable, since she's a teacher) but Whozat isn't too keen on that, since she figures the only good topic for "small talk" with Shrike's parents will be her job search! It should certainly prove to be interesting.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Before the Blog: Welcome to BlueState!

We made it! After three days and 1500 miles of driving - we're in our new apartment in BlueState.

The apartment is, well, it's temporary, is what it is.

We'll just be here until we know where Whozat will be working, then we'll find something a little (a lot!) nicer.

Speaking of the job hunt, Whozat has an interview tomorrow for a high school teaching job in the town where Shrike's parents live and she sent out a resume today for a web editor job.

She's given them the URL of this page as an example of her web skills, based on the theory that if anything they read here stops them from hiring her, it's not a place she'd be comfortable working anyway. She's a little nervous about it, so let's all keep our fingers crossed on that!

Other than that, we've been pretty busy trying to get moved in here, and we still have a long way to go with that. And speaking of, it looks like it's time to go unpack something, so watch this spot for more information!