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Communications 101 Archive
The Unabridged Peeptionary

Peeper Can Say...

By 10 months: Mama/Mommy (mama / mumum)

By 13 months: Yum Yum? (mumumum)

By 16 months: Baby (baah-buh), Doggy (duhgeeduhgee), (Monkey says) Oo-oo, (Doggy says) ah-ah, Eye (aahh - while pointing at eyes), Night-Night (ni-ni), (Kitty says) Meow (ee-yahw), Apple (hhhaa-puh)

By 17 months: Hot (hh-hh), Here (heh), (Elephant says) Ahhhh, (Lion/Tiger says) Roar (ruuh), Up (uppa!), Toes (tissss)

By 18 months: (Sheep says) Baa, Papa (Shrike's dad - papa), Bird? (bah), Water? (wadoo), Panda? (paah-puh), Eena (Shrike's mom - iiii), Grandma (Anonymama - mamaw), Grandpa (Anonydaddy - gapop), (Or, "Grandma and Grandpa" is "mamawmapop"), There she is (dershis - in response to "Where's Mama?"), Kitty (key or yetty), Cat (kaht), (Bear says) Grrr (ghhh), Yuk (yechyech), Knock-knock (na na), Goody?

By 19 months: (Duck says) Quack Quack (wac wac), (Seal says) Ark Ark (ar ar), (Pirate says) Arrrr (ar - much like the seal), (Cow says) Moo? (ok, what she really says is "caaaahhow"), Ball?, Hi, Ice Cream (hhh-khkh - very gutteral, not spellable)

By 20 months: Target (Tsch - yes, the store), Dog (da), Panda (daaah-duh), Tickle (tika-tika-tika), Grandma-Grandpa/Pappy (pahpuhpahpuh - anyone with gray hair!), Mommy (mee-mee - Shrike), (Wolf says) Howl (Ah-oo, ah-oo), (Owl says) (well, also ah-oo, because there's a book with the wolf and owl back-to-back, and she's confused), Dead (did)

By 21 months: Ice (eye-ta), Elmo (eh-mo - Refers to all Sesame Street characters, or anything red or with big bulging eyes), Popcorn (Bop!), Ow (ah-oo), (Santa says) Ho, ho, ho, (oh oh oh), Egg (heh-guh), Schnauzer (shna-za), Tent (tituh), Kite (khka)

By 22 months: Bye-Bye (dah-dah), Two (tah), (Frappa's real name - she goes nuts when she sees her profile pic on Facebook!), (Pig says) Grunt (it's an actual grunt), Duck (daahk), Toesies (or Tootsies? Something to do with her feet) (Tuh-tah), Blood (bleeh!), Yellow (yehyoh), Pump (pup)

By 23 months: Shrike's niece's first name, Lobster (lala), Cake (keh-kah), Ernie (uh-neh), Onion (nn-yuh), Football (foo-buh), Moon (muh-muh), Peanutbutter (puhbuh), Bo-Bo Bear (bo-bo). Ladybug (lala), (Bell)Pepper (pehpuh), Blue (bwoo - points to blue things and says it), Six (siss - seems to know that it comes after five), Bravo (bahbo), Pumpkin (puhpah), Hop (hop!), Bee (deeee), Helicopter (hoppuh), Purple (puhpuh), Burt (Dit), Boom (boo!), Humpty Dumpty (dit-tee dit-tee), Green (geee), Pink (pik), Hexagon (hepuh), Thank you (fayfew), Beep (beep), Boop (boop - touch nose, then say Frappa! because she taught it to her), Dirt (dit), Bubbles (buhbuh), Thumper (fthuphuh - the bunny in Bambi), Perfect Pup's name, Her Own First Name - when asked "What's your name?" BigGaloot's name, Boat (bit), Hat (haht), (Rooster says) cockadoodledoo (eh eh eeh-ehh), Help (hep - when she needs help, or hears a siren), Stop (sop - "reads" it printed on the parking lot), (Witch says) Cackle (laughs), (Ghost says) Wooo (ooo), Step (swep), Texas (teh-tuh), Happy Birthday (hahduh), Dip (bip), Towel (tohw), Eight (ah), Nine (nin), Ten (teh), Silly (sih-ee), Seriously (sis-see)

By 24 months: Happy (hoppy), Poop (poop), Bottle (bohbul), Orange (oh), Cracker (pah-puh), Paper (pehpuh), Coffee, Empty (ippy), Pillow, Halloween (hahdee), The Anonygrandparents' cats names, Night-night (nah nah), Water (wawa), Hole (hoew), Dark (dit), No (naah), Elbow (behbow), Pee-pee (peepee) Oscar the Grouch (dot-duhm with "stinky" sign), Abby Cadabby (Babby), Bowl (bow), Wet (fwet), DaNiece and Daphew's names, Cup (bup), Hat (hap), Uh-oh (uh-uh), Sleepy (sweepeh), Lid (lih), (Turkey says) Gobble gobble (bob-bob-bobuh), (Skeleton says) Rattle rattle (rauhrauh), (Zombie says) Braaaaiiins (bwaaay), Potty (pobby), ABC (ay ee ee), Man (myan myan), Lady (lala), Ball (bahw), Tail (tuhl), Sunshine (shuweh), Sit (shit - but I swear she means "sit!"), Pump (pup pup), Rock (wock), Brown (bow), White (woaw), Watermelon (wauhmeyom), Eat (ate), See Ya (seesah), Sweep (fweep), Yippee (hyiPEE), Boppy (bop), Drop (bop), Buddy (bobby), Hello? (Hi ya - or maybe she means "Hi Ya!"), Sock (fwok), More (moaw), Please (peez), Slide (lide), Again, Hair (hayow), Slide (swy), Again, Fur (fuew), Love o'Pete (Pete!), Crap (Bap!), Mailman (myauw myauw), Snowman (myauw myauw), Merrily Merrily... (mehwly mehwly), Eena (eena - Shrike's mom), Cow (caaooow), (Cow says) Moo (mooo), Santa Clauas (hum-humma), (Santa says) Ho Ho Ho (huh huh huh), Trick or Treat (titah), Lips (lihps), Arm (ahum), Leg (leh), Back (bap), Booty (di-dee), Ear (eah), Eye (eye), Nose (mow), Octopus (oppuh), Hanger (huhmuh)

Peeper Can Sign...

By 10 months: More

By 11 months: All done, Doggy

By 12 months: Goody (milk)

By 13 months: Hello/ByeBye (wave), Fan, Hooray (clap), Flower, Gentle, Points

By 14 months: Help, Stinky, Bird, Cold, Duck, Bubbles, Hat, Hair, Mouth, Bunny, "Here's Peeper!" (hands up)

By 15 months: Snow, Frog, Baby, "I Don't Know" / "Where Is It?" (big shrug), Car, Ball, Blow Kisses, No, Swing, Book, Bath, Nose, Tummy, Eye, Brush Teeth

By 16 months: Cup, Brush hair, Shoes, Tiger, Elephant, Train, Apple (complete with chomping sound!), Phone, Sleepy, Cookie (Animal cracker)

By 17 months: Pee-pee, (Graham) Cracker, Ear, Feet, Toes, Bear, Knock-Knock (on her head!), Alligator, Horse

By 18 months: Chicken, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Cheerios, Raisin, Cheese, Donkey, Booty, Diaper, Legs, Please, Thank you, Hurt

By 19 months: Cry, Play, Outside, Hush, Splash (signs it like "wash" but definitely means "splash"), Banana, Yuck, Peanut(butter), Donkey, Whale, Butterfly

By 20 months: Butterfly / other flying insect, Binky (BabyJ's), Shoulder, Heart, Scar, Knee, Elbow, Tail (dogs/cats), Fly (bug), Firefly, Turtle, (Sun)Glasses, Yes

By 21 months: (I) Love (you), Hippo / Tooth Check Time!, Ladybug, Penguin, One, Two, Five

By 22 months: Giraffe, Fall Down / Upside Down, Octopus, Parachute (shoes), Stretch, Pumpkin (cookie)

By 23 months: Seymour ("more"), Triangle, Big Bird ("bird"), Cookie Monster ("cookie"), Face / Makeup (same sign), Ankle, Jacket

By 24 months: Kermit the Frog ("frog")

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