Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Dog Blog #1: Snow Pups

I hear tell that one is supposed to blog about one's doggies on the weekend.

I don't have alot new to say about our little mutton-heads (just one of my many pet names* for them) but here are a couple of photos that I took of them on Friday.

Oh, and remember all those "Yea, it's Spring!" posts a few days ago?

Yeah, not so much anymore.

You can find more weekend dog blogs here.

My nineteen-year-old niece got a kitten for her most recent birthday. It took her a while to decide on a name for him, and at one point, she told my sister,

"Since I've been calling him 'Pookie' maybe I'll just make that his name."

My sister said, "No, 'Pookie' is fine for a pet name but it can't be his real name."

To which my niece replied, "What do you think he is?"


  1. Nice
    Welcome to:

  2. Snort! So it runs in the family, eh? I hope she named the kitty something 'normal-ish'.

  3. Well, his real name is unusual, but it's an actual name (like a people-name).

    And, I swear, my pets have great names in real life. In fact, most of them are people-names, or some variation thereof.

  4. What kind of nuts post pictures of thier dogs on the internet?

    I guess that would be you and me LOL~

  5. lol - I guess it would!

    Last night, I was looking at the Dog Blog "roundup" post, and told Shrike, "Hey, look at our pups on somebody else's blog!"

    She was all "What are they doing there?!"

    She said it all defensively, like she was worried that the pet-o-philes would be ogling them or something!


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