Thursday, February 12, 2009

What About Love: Something Borrowed

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First, apropos of not much, in honor of the eleventh anniversary of the day that Shrike and I met in "real-life," here's a photo of us from that weekend.

(This is the photo that was blurrily visible in a recent photo of me and Peeper.)

Shrike was 28, I was 29.

We had a lot of hair. Even more than at the wedding.

For the other topics, it's been pretty easy to think of something to write about, but all week, I've been stumped on this one.

Now I've got it. It's completely unrelated to the issue of marriage equality, but that's okay, because it's important for me to say it.

I don't believe in much in the supernatural, but there are times - and we've had many of them lately - when it's awful comforting to have friends who do.

You may have noticed that never ask for "your prayers" but rather, something along the lines of "your thoughts, prayers, good vibes, positive energy, mojo, etc."

That's because I'll take whatever you've got to offer, and I believe that all those things are equally effective.

I don't know just how effective that is, but equally so, I'm sure.

And, when I make a request like I did earlier today, and the comments and the emails start coming back, the variety of ways in which people phrase it always amazes me:

You are in our thoughts
I'm praying for you
I'm sending healing energy
We are with you in spirit
Here's a dose of mojo
and even the actual words of the prayer offered
I really don't know if, or how much, all this has actually made a difference for Peeper, or actually made a difference in the outcomes of her various health concerns, but I do know how helpful it's been for me to know that there are so many people out there wishing her - and us - the best.

So, thank you to all our friends for letting us borrow your faith, or your energy, or whatever it is.

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  1. I have been praying about this hard and often. It got your brother through his surgery and problems, so I am counting it working again. Also inlisting many others to help. (Be sure to send Aunt and Uncle the email about yesterday's doctor visit. He has strong powers!


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