Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook: 25 Things About Me

I've recently "discovered" Facebook, and although I don't quite understand the thrill of throwing a virtual Barack Obama at a friend, I am enjoying reconnecting with old friends, staying connected with current friends, and keeping up to date on what they are all doing.

If you know me in real life (or at least well enough to know my real name), please feel free to look me up and "friend" me!

Currently, there's a "25 Things About Me" going around and I just finished posting mine.

I'm pretty sure that I've already blogged about all or most of these things, but what the heck, I'll share anyway.

(Edited a bit for the sake of anonymity, of course.)

I'm not going to bother tagging anyone, but if you feel so moved, and decide to post your 25 things, please drop me a note in the comments so I can go read them.

(Or post them there, if you are one of the blogless few.)

  1. I have a daughter named Peeper, born 10/27/08.
  2. I've always wanted to be a mother, but never believed it would really happen.
  3. I still can't believe it - and she's right here!
  4. Right now, I'm a stay-at-home (work-at-home-a-bit) mom, but I've had several jobs in the past:
  5. I taught middle school science for 9 years, in Texas.
  6. I worked as a web developer for 6.5 years.
  7. I worked for the BlueState Democratic Party in the 2006 election cycle, then was unemployed for 6 months.
  8. I worked at a Learning Center for 18 months - first as Director of Education, then Center Director.
  9. My partner, Shrike, and I met on the Internet and have been together almost 11 years.
  10. She is my best friend.
  11. She is Peeper's genetic mother. We did IVF using her eggs and donor sperm, and I carried her.
  12. I am so glad it worked out that way.
  13. I would wish we'd not wasted so much time/money before IVF, but then we'd have some other baby, and not Peeper.
  14. Peeper was born 4 weeks early, weighed less than 5 lbs at birth, had several preemie issues that are now resolved, took 6 weeks to learn to breastfeed and has a congenital heart defect which we're hoping will resolve without surgery.
  15. Peeper is perfect.
  16. I hold leadership positions in the Democratic Party at the county and state level.
  17. I also hold a leadership position in the state Democratic LGBT Caucus.
  18. Peeper will be attending her first statewide Democratic Party event soon.
  19. I blog and find it very therapeutic.
  20. I post photos of Peeper every day.
  21. I have a lot of "free" time on my hands.
  22. "Free" = nursing, changing poopie diapers, holding sleeping baby, photographing baby, playing with baby, consoling crying baby, etc.
  23. I am obsessed with my baby, but I'm supposed to be, right?
  24. I have lots of other responsibilities and I am (more or less) fulfilling them, but I really can't care much about anything other than Peeper and Shrike.
  25. Did I mention that I have a baby?

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