Friday, March 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Roro, the Goddess of the Creampuff Revolution, has tagged me to write about my five reasons for blogging. I am so honored!

So, here we go:

Whozat's Five Reasons for Blogging:
  1. Extroversion
    My motto is "If it's in my head, it must come out of my mouth." I think best when I think out loud, and between the job search and the baby plans and life in general, I've got a lot to think about these days. Shrike can't be around all the time, and she gets really tired of listening to me when she is, so it helps to write it all out.
  2. Exhibitionism
    I seem to suffer under the delusion that there is something about our lives that is so fascinating that other people might be interested in hearing about it.
  3. Hoppin' on the Bandwagon
    Everybody and their cat has a blog these days, and I was feeling left out.
  4. Bored as Hell
    Since I'm not working at the moment, I've got a lot of time on my hands, and I'm spending most of it sitting in front of the computer anyway, so I might as well do something semi-constructive with it.
  5. Ego
    Maybe this ties in with some of the above reasons, but when I write about something as mundane as what I cooked for dinner last night, and total strangers are moved to comment on it, that's pretty darn cool.


  1. Awesome list and so prompt! I'd hire you in a heartbeat! "Bored as Hell" ha ha ha - not for long, I bet.

  2. Thanks - I'll take the job!

    Does that come with Canadian health care and civil rights?

  3. Why yes! Yes it does! Crazy Canadians :-)

  4. Roro - Thanks, where do I sign?

    Toni - Hmmm, today for lunch (the meal that we "sit down" to since Shrike works evenings) I boiled up some 4-cheese tortellini and added some spaghetti sauce from a jar.

    It was pretty good, especially considering that the tortellini was only $1.49 (at Aldi) which gave us lunch for two and dinner for Shrike.

    Not sure about the sauce, but it wasn't much and I only used a bit. So, less than $2 for 1.5 meals. Not too bad.

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