Sunday, February 25, 2007

And, So, It Begins

Welcome to the newest spot in the blogiverse.

At least for the next 0.001 seconds. . . .

Here's a quick introduction:

Who am I?
I'm a 38 year old native Texan who met the love of my life (Shrike) on the internet 9 years ago and followed her north to a very red area of a fairly blue state. I'm very involved in my local Democratic Party (such as it is) and worked for the state Party in the 06 cycle. I'm currently unemployed, but as soon as I have a job and health insurance, we plan to start trying to get me pregnant.

What will I be writing about?
Everything. And nothing. And a few things in between.

My favorite blogs to read are those that are just a glimpse into someone's everyday life. That's what I suspect this will be with, perhaps, the occasional political rant.

As I mentioned above, we're hoping to start trying to get me pregnant soon (short version, for those wondering - artificial insemination using an anonymous donor; longer version to come, no doubt) and, when the time comes, I plan to blog about that and then, hopefully, continue to blog about our child and our family.

Why am I blogging?
I'm quite an extrovert; I tend to think out loud, and tend to assume that everyone is just dying to hear exactly what I'm thinking, doing, or obsessing about at the moment.

(My motto: If it's in my head, it must come out of my mouth!)

I suspect that's often not the case but surely there's someone out there in all of the internets who might be interested.

Also, being a bum currently between assignments, I've got a lot of time on my hands. I've been spending a good deal of said time reading blogs, and I realized that I'm starting to narrate my life in my head, as though I were writing a blog post.

I took that as an indication that I should either start my own blog, or seek professional help.

So. There it is, and here I am.

I still have some work to do around here on the template, settings, etc, but I'll be back soon with more ramblings.

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  1. '(My motto: If it's in my head, it must come out of my mouth!)'- I like that- Mine should be 'If it's in my head, it will come out of my mouth'!


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